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NXP to bring outstanding high-definition LCD TV picture quality to the mass consumer market

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – NXP Semiconductors, the newly independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, today announced two new TV reference designs: Nexperia™ TV520/80 for ATSC/NTSC and Nexperia™ TV520/82 for DVB/PAL.

eference designs will allow TV manufacturers to develop high-definition digital LCD TV sets for the mass consumer market, offering best-in-class picture quality, movie judder cancellation for standard and high definition (SD and HD) along with a fast time-to-market at a competitive price point.

By creating both a DVB/PAL and ATSC/NTSC solution in the TV520/80 and TV520/82, NXP is able to offer two hybrid platforms for television regions worldwide. The inclusion of high-definition movie judder cancellation will ensure seamless images on an LCD screen, especially when viewing fast moving action. This technology also supports large screen sizes, allowing television manufacturers to offer similar features previously only available for high-end LCD TV products.

“The LCD TV market is fast moving and consumers are constantly looking for a better television experience,” said Jos Klippert, Senior Marketing Director, BU Home, NXP Semiconductors. “With these two new reference designs, we aim to drive mass consumer adoption of LCD TV screens offering advanced, high-definition pictures with hybrid system solutions specifically designed for flat panel TV's to ensure a smooth experience even on large screen sizes.”

With both solutions, television manufacturers profit from optimization in development costs, easy design-in processes and shorter lead times. With its unique features, the TV520 platform allows NXP’s customers to develop a product and bring it to market in as little as three months. Consumers benefit from an excellent picture quality and ease of operation by having a uniform user interface for analog as well as digital channels.

NXP Semiconductors is powering the revolution in the TV viewing experience by not only improving picture quality, but also enabling a variety of audio, video, images and other content to be available anytime, anywhere throughout the home. The TV will soon be the window to a world of new content, and NXP is unique in supporting these developments with a full range of semiconductor components, system solutions and connected systems based on industry standards.

Jueves, 14 Diciembre, 2006 - 10:43
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