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Handheld MS2720B Spectrum Analyzer Series

Anritsu Corporation (Hiromichi Toda, President) announced the start of sales from December 13 of its compact MS2720B Spectrum Analyzer series, the world's first handheld analyzer to support all Regulation test items for installation and maintenance of W-CDMA base stations

The MS2720B series is a small (313x211x77 mm), lightweight (2.9 kg max.), battery powered spectrum analyzer that builds on the success of its predecessor MS2720A with strengthened performance and functions. In addition to supporting measurements up to the microwave band, it can also perform optional modulation analysis of W-CDMA signals and high-accuracy power measurements. As a result, only one MS2720B unit is needed to support all the W-CDMA base station registration test items standardized by 3GPP. Battery operation and compact size make it the ideal solution for base station construction and maintenance inside buildings, underground spaces, etc., where AC power is not easily accessible and space is limited.

Regulation Test

The Japanese Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications requires all registered domestic and overseas carriers and registered overseas inspection businesses to test their wireless infrastructure. Based on the results, they may be exempted from some of the requirements for testing new wireless stations (excluding government stations) and from periodic inspections, etc. The regulated inspection items require use of measuring instruments calibrated as required by the Radio Law.

[Development Background]

Increasing use of 3G mobile phone systems is driving widespread construction and maintenance of W-CDMA base stations. National agencies regulate the registration tests to ensure that W-CDMA base stations are built and maintained in compliance with the standards set by 3GPP.
Previously, on-site measurements of W-CDMA registration test items required carrying large desktop measuring instruments to base stations inside buildings or underground, etc., where space is limited and there is no power for the instrument. This makes the engineers' work difficult, time-consuming and expensive. To solve this problem, Anritsu has built on its experience with the previous MS2720A series to release this new compact, battery powered, lightweight MS2720B series supporting all the W-CDMA base-station Regulation test items. It is the ideal solution for W-CDMA base-station registration work in confined, difficult-to-access construction and maintenance sites.

[Product Outline]

The compact, lightweight, handheld, battery powered MS2720B series of spectrum analyzers is targeted at measurements up to the microwave band (13 and 20 GHz).
And adding options supporting W-CDMA modulation analysis and power measurement plus an external Anritsu PSN50 sensor offers all the functions and performance required for regulation tests of W-CDMA base stations, such as CDP[*1] and high-accuracy power measurement using measurement functions for frequency (25 PPB accuracy), fifth-order harmonics[*2] (12.5 GHz and higher), and modulation analysis.
Up to 1000 measured data items are stored in internal memory for download to an external PC, facilitating easy analysis and report creation.

[Main Features and Performance]
* Frequency Range




9 kHz to 7.1 GHz




9 kHz to 13 GHz




9 kHz to 20 GHz


High-stability frequency :

25 PPB (2.5x10-8) (within 24h after GPS signal lock)
50 PPB (5x10-8) (within 72hours after GPS signal lock)
* High-accuracy power measurement: 0.18 dB
* Modulation analysis : CDP, P-CPICH[*3], EVM[*4], 3GPP modulation performance Go/No Go test

Average noise level (preamp ON) :

-151 dBm (10 MHz to 1 GHz)
-149 dBm (1 to 2.2 GHz)
-143 dBm (2.2 to 2.8 GHz)
-149 dBm (2.8 to 4 GHz)
-144 dBm (4 to 7.1 GHz)
* SSB Phase noise : -100 dBc (at 10, 20, and 30 kHz offset)
* Max. input power : 30 dBm
* Rechargeable battery : 3 hours continuous operation (typical)

[Target Markets and Applications]
* Registration tests, modulation analysis, and fault diagnosis at construction and maintenance of W-CDMA base stations
* Measurement of harmonics, spurious[*5] and interference waveforms for general radio equipment
* Measurement of device RF characteristics

Martes, 19 Diciembre, 2006 - 07:09
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