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ANAGRAM Technologies Optimizes its Audio DAC and Digital Audio

HILLSBORO, OR - Lattice Semiconductor Corporation today announced the availability of intellectual property (IP) cores for a high definition audio digital to analog converter, the SoftDAC™, and a digital amplifier, the SoftAMP™, from ANAGRAM Technologies, a new member of the ispLeverCORE™ Connection IP partners program.

Through the program, Lattice and ANAGRAM will provide complete system solutions for their mutual customers who are integrating system-level IP with the most advanced FPGA silicon architectures. The Lattice Connection program allows customers to easily access and integrate approved third-party IP products into Lattice programmable devices.

“Our low-cost, high performance LatticeECP™, LatticeECP2™ and LatticeECP2M™ FPGA families, which embody our ‘More of the Best’ value proposition, continue to gain traction rapidly in the consumer market. Many consumer products, such as DVD players, LCD TVs and PC speakers require high definition audio quality,” said Stan Kopec, Lattice corporate vice president of marketing. “ANAGRAM is a recognized industry leader in digital audio IP, and the cores that we are jointly announcing allow designers to build complete high quality audio systems embedded in Lattice ‘EConomy-Plus’ FPGAs.”

“We are very excited to release our dedicated digital audio IP cores through the ispLeverCORE program. Combining our high performance audio solutions with Lattice’s industry-leading FPGA devices allows us to meet challenging customer demands by delivering a rich audio experience and cost effective FPGA integration,” said Tim Llewellynn, ANAGRAM’s vice president of sales and marketing.

IP Cores from ANAGRAM Technologies

ANAGRAM Technologies has ported, optimized and tested two of its most popular IP cores, the SoftAMP and the SoftDAC, to Lattice FPGA devices. The SoftAMP is a configurable 2- to 8-channel fully digital audio amplifier core that is compliant with industry standard digital power stages and will be available with I2S, AMBA™, APB™ and WISHBONE interfaces. The SoftDAC is a 24-bit, 2-channel audio D/A converter core that requires minimal external analog circuitry. Both cores support input sampling frequencies from 8kHz to 192kHz. Full product information for both cores is available on the Lattice website,

Pricing and Availability

These cores are available now in netlist format for immediate purchase from ANAGRAM. Customers should contact ANAGRAM for pricing. ANAGRAM also offers a variety of additional packaging and licensing options to suit specific customer needs. By leveraging partner IP products, customers can quickly implement a wide variety of functions in Lattice programmable devices.

About ANAGRAM Technologies

ANAGRAM Technologies allows silicon providers and branded consumer electronic OEMs to create and integrate spacious, richly detailed sound into innovative product designs by leveraging advanced audio DSP algorithms. ANAGRAM develops and licenses innovative digital audio intellectual property (IP) including sample rate converters, software-based digital to analog converters, clock synchronizers and digital power amplifiers. ANAGRAM’s family of products allows its customers to differentiate their products by integrating complete digital audio subsystems with superior high definition audio quality while using industry standard platforms and processes. Key to its success are technologies that simplify system architectures, reduce system cost, and that are compatible with all the latest audio formats where its flagship Q5 technology has already achieved significant breakthroughs in terms of cost and performance.

Martes, 19 Diciembre, 2006 - 08:54
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