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OKI Begins Sample Shipments of World's Smallest Audio DAC LSI Equipped with Stereo Speaker Amplifier

Tokyo, Japan, -- Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. today announced sample shipments of its audio LSI, ML2611, with stereo-playback capable DAC (Digital Audio Converter), 3D surround functionality, and speaker amp all incorporated in a single chip.

The LSI achieves all this in the world's smallest package size in the 16bit audio DAC with a size of 3.0mm x 3.2mm. It is equipped with an authentic acoustic sound that is used in a variety of portable equipment. Shipments of mass-production quantities of the new IC will begin in June of 2007.

Portable equipment such as mobile phones, PND(Portable Navigation Devices), and electronic dictionaries are being equipped with music playback and TV functions. However, it is very difficult to playback low frequency sounds authentically in portable equipment because of the limited space. Recognizing this situation, OKI developed the audio DAC LSI "ML2611" which can easily improve sound quality in portable equipment.

The new LSI incorporates all the functionality demanded of an audio DAC LSI, such as a stereo DAC, a stereo speaker amp, a stereo headphone amp, and the audio enhancement technology SRS WOW®(*1) from SRS Labs, Inc., which has already been adopted in a variety of MP3 players.

"Previously this level of acoustic technology was implemented using DSP or a CPU. However, with the ML2611, OKI has achieved to incorporate SRS WOW, known as the authentic audio enhancement technology, in to a single chip while maintaining low-power consumption. We were able to do this with System C technology, in which OKI has advanced skills," said Masahiko Morioka, President of Silicon Solutions Company at Oki Electric Industry. "We believe our new LSI will enable engineers to easily add low power consumption accurate acoustic sound without developing additional software."

He further explains, "By adopting OKI's ultra-small W-CSP(*2) packaging technology, we were able to achieve the world's smallest package size of 3.0mm by 3.2mm for an audio DAC LSI with built in SRS WOW and stereo speaker amp."

OKI plans to expand its sound LSI product lineup further and to develop and market new LSIs that provide rich sound playback in a variety of situations. Further, in regard to OKI sound LSI technology and related products, please visit the Sound LSI website at:

An audio enhancement technology developed by SRS Labs Inc. SRS WOW improves the dynamic audio performance of compressed audio, expands the size of the audio image and improves the perception of low frequency sound.
*2 W-CSP(Wafer level Chip Size Package):
A technology for creating a final package while the chip is still on the wafer. LSI packages can be made so small that their outer dimensions are no large than those of the chip itself.

[Reference] Sales plan, characteristics of ML2611 and difference between ML2611 and ML2601

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