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Semtech Debuts High-Density Pin Electronics Solution for Burn-in and Low Cost Testers

Camarillo, California - Semtech Corp., a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors for communications, portable devices, computers, and industrial equipment, today announced the E7802 dual channel driver + window comparator product to address the challenges of next generation, cost-sensitive and high-density ATE applications.

The E7802 features two channels of high-current drivers and window comparators in a tiny 5mm x 5mm QFN package for the smallest per-channel footprint on the market. It has an exposed heat slug for superior thermal management and electrical characteristics, enabling it to operate at high currents over a wide operating voltage range.

Each low-overshoot, high-current driver is capable of providing up to 200mA of current and 3.6A of surge current, making the E7802 perfect for driving many devices under test (DUTs) in parallel to help reduce the overall cost of test for test during burn-in (TDBI) applications. Driver high and low level programming is independent for each channel, allowing signal swings with amplitudes from 200mV to 15V to be programmed independently over a -3.6V to +15V range at data rates beyond 50MHz (100 Mbps).

Each window comparator channel has been optimized to ensure less than 3ns of propagation delay variation and superior small signal swing/low-overdrive performance. Operating over a wide -2V to +12V common mode range at data rates beyond 100MHz (200Mbps), these comparators have plenty of bandwidth to meet the demands of next generation burn-in and low cost testers.

The E7802 was designed to be a robust, best-in-class, pin electronics solution and as such it is the only product in its class to offer driver over-current protection combined with on-chip ESD protection rated in excess of 2kV human body model (HBM) and 500V charged device model (CDM).

The E7802 is the latest member of Semtech’s automated test equipment (ATE) standard product offerings which represents the state-of-the-art in general purpose pin electronics. “The E7802 was defined with a small solution size and affordable test economics in mind,” said Tim Wilhelm, Director of Marketing for Semtech’s Test & Measurement Division. “Off the shelf, this dual-channel device offers customers a per-channel solution density that is twice that of quad- or even octal-channel devices with additional features and performance not previously available in this class of pin electronics.”

This high density and wide voltage range does not come at the expense of timing accuracy as the E7802 boasts best-in-class timing stability for predictable timing edges that are easily deskewed.
Key Features of the E7802

* Tiny 5mm x 5mm footprint for two channels of drivers and window comparators offers the smallest solution size per channel
* Driver short circuit protection and robust ESD protection for extended system life and decreased system downtime
* Large 200mA current capability per driver for driving high current loads resulting in increased tester parallelism and reduced cost of test
* Tight driver propagation delay variation of less than 2ns for optimum timing accuracy
* Next-generation, low-dispersion comparator design for best-in-class timing performance and less than 3ns of propagation delay variation
* Low 6Ohm driver output impedance
* Extremely low per-channel power dissipation (<180mW per channel)
* Exposed heat slug for superior thermal management

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