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En el pensamiento científico siempre están presentes elementos de poesía. La ciencia y la música actual exigen de un proceso de pensamiento homogéneo,

Albert Einstein(1879-1940).
Físico alemán. Premio Nobel de Física 1921
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STEP Communications' PROX™ technology now available on CSR's BlueCore Multimedia platform

Cambridge, UK –CSR has announced an important third-party software enhancement for its BlueCore Multimedia platform.

As an addition to CSR's eXtension Partner Programme, CSR's BlueCore Multimedia platform now offers STEP's suite of audio acoustic technologies for high performance headsets and hands-free car kits. PROX, one of STEP's core technologies sets a new standard for dual microphone headsets, and will be introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 8, 2007.

PROX technology brings unmatched noise reduction to the BlueCore Multimedia platform while maintaining the purity of the speaker's voice. Ideal for hands-free communication and voice recognition applications, STEP's combined expertise in acoustics and DSP algorithms takes advantage of BlueCore Multimedia's powerful on-chip Kalimba DSP to offer the complete high-end Bluetooth headset solution.

"Using the physics of sound wave propagation, PROX technology is able to extract clear voice signals from environments with greater than 80 db background noise. The addition of STEP's technology to the BlueCore Multimedia platform will significantly increase the quality of wireless voice communication, creating an enhanced user experience" said Robert F. Mitro, Chairman and CEO, STEP Communications. "Joining CSR's eXtension Partner Programme has provided the opportunity to be included with the industry's leading Bluetooth silicon. The introduction of PROX technology to CSR's BlueCore Multimedia platform offers headset designers an easily integrated package for designing very high customer satisfaction Bluetooth-enabled headsets."

Thanks to its high-performance on-chip 24 bit DSP, CSR's BlueCore Multimedia platform is superbly synergistic with STEP's third party audio enhancement PROX technology software.

"CSR's integrated DSP is the only complete Bluetooth silicon solution on the market that offers PROX technology the perfect environment to take advantage of STEP's advanced DSP algorithms." Anthony Murray, SVP of CSR's Wireless Audio strategic business unit commented, "Due to support of third party software vendors, CSR's relationship with STEP has introduced an enhanced level of voice communication for Bluetooth headsets. BlueCore Mulitmedia's integrated Kalimba DSP technology offers experts in voice enhancement technology a great opportunity to bring their technologies to the mass market. CSR will continue to work with the very best software companies to bring its customers the most complete solutions for their devices."

Miércoles, 03 Enero, 2007 - 08:47
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