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LeCroy Introduces QualiPHY™ Automated Compliance Test Environment:Intuitive User Interface for Today's Most Popular Serial Data Standards

Chestnut Ridge, NY – LeCroy Corporation, a leading supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, is proud to introduce QualiPHY™, a new test executive that is targeted at compliance testing of high speed serial data links.

QualiPHY features exceptional ease of use and flexibility – as well as powerful reporting and data export capabilities. QualiPHY SATA, FB-DIMM and UWB modules are currently available through LeCroy’s Beta Testing Program at

Designed for high-speed serial data applications such as SATA, FB-DIMM, UWB, Ethernet, USB, PCI Express, SAS and HDMI, QualiPHY provides a highly-automated environment for validating the electrical performance of devices, in accordance with the official documents published by the applicable standards organizations and Special Interest Groups.

QualiPHY is a Microsoft Windows-based application that greatly simplifies and automates PHY layer testing because it is designed with a common, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) across today’s most popular serial data standards. The modular architecture makes QualiPHY an ideal test solution for a host of industry segments, such as computers and computer equipment, wireless and mobile multi-service (voice/data) products and systems, cable and IPTV set-top boxes, and vending and gaming machines.

“Compliance testing is typically a tedious and time-consuming process, and most standards employ unique terminology, measurements and test methods,” said Patrick Weisgarber, Product Marketing Manager. “QualiPHY is a tool that reduces the time and effort needed to perform this testing: it simplifies the testing by presenting our customers with an easy to use interface that is common across all standards; it speeds the testing by providing the highest possible degree of automation; and it increases our customers’ confidence in the results because LeCroy’s extensive knowledge and expertise is already built-in!”

Addressing a wide variety of compliance test needs, QualiPHY offers complete automation for system level and preproduction tests. Users may also choose to perform margin testing by utilizing design-specific customized limits. The result is faster time to market for products and greater confidence in their performance.

Global Connectivity

QualiPHY has been developed with today’s global design environment in mind. QualiPHY may be executed directly on the host oscilloscope, or it may be run on a PC located anywhere in the world, accessing the oscilloscope via GPIB or LAN/WAN connections. Development team members can also access live signals from oscilloscopes in remote locations.

Reporting Tools

QualiPHY enables the user to produce test documentation using standard HTML, RTF or PDF formats. In addition, QualiPHY offers the unique capability to export numerical test data into database-friendly XML files, which is highly beneficial to:

* IC developers who require comprehensive wafer/die characterization to define parametric performance and establish device performance capability.
* System level validation teams working in parallel development cycles that need to combine, study and interpret performance data and correlate test results with prior runs.
* Manufacturing/production test environments in which key performance parameters are monitored using control charts or other in-process indicators of product/process performance.

Part of a Complete Solution

QualiPHY is a key enabling component of LeCroy’s family of serial data compliance test solutions. QualiPHY supports all LeCroy real-time and sampling oscilloscopes that are suitable for each given standard, and it can also take advantage of the capabilities offered by LeCroy protocol analyzers, test fixtures and probes when appropriate.

Engineers and technicians who would like to know more can contact LeCroy at 1-800-5LeCroy (1-800-553-2769) or visit the LeCroy Web site (

Miércoles, 03 Enero, 2007 - 09:07
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