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LeCroy Announces Support for SAS Zoning with New SAS and SATA Protocol Analyzer Software

LeCroy Corporation, a leading supplier of serial data test solutions, today announced support for SAS Zoning with the release of the new SAS Suite™ 2.9 and SATA Suite™ 4.9 software for their SASTracer™ and SATracer™ protocol analyzers.

SAS Zoning support is also a feature of the Catalyst protocol analyzer product line, available from LeCroy.

The SAS protocol provides the infrastructure to create storage area networks (SANs). SAS Zoning allows data traffic on these networks to be segregated and managed according to distinct zones resulting in higher utilization rates of server and storage resources. LeCroy’s SAS Suite 2.9 and SATA Suite 4.9 capture, report and analyze SAS zoning commands for rapid focus on key development issues. The SAS and SATA Trainer options generate traffic on the data path in accordance with version 05 of the SAS Zoning specification.

“The LeCroy and Catalyst protocol analyzer product lines both support this important aspect of the SAS architecture,” said Mark Adams, Product Marketing Manager, Protocol Solutions Group, LeCroy Corporation. “By providing the capability to generate and analyze zoning commands, LeCroy is enabling the adoption of this important technology.”

LeCroy is committed to maintaining and enhancing both the Catalyst and LeCroy storage protocol analyzer product lines. Customers will continue to have a choice between these industry-leading platforms.

SAS and SATA protocol analyzers and exercisers from LeCroy enable both storage system and component developers to quickly identify problems in their products and verify a solution for faster time-to-market.


SAS Suite 2.9 and SATA Suite 4.9 are available on the web for all customers who are under maintenance contracts. For additional information, contact LeCroy at 1-800-5LeCroy (1-800-553-2769) or visit LeCroy’s web site at

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