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Edinburgh, UK, - Wolfson Microelectronics today introduced its first Class D device offered in chip-on-lead (COL) packaging, so small and thin that, compared to the previous generation of parts, it provides a space saving of up to 36% PCB real estate in compact portable devices.

The WM8986 DAC is supplied in a 4x4x0.75 mm COL QFN package that can support a larger die than a standard QFN, or allow a die to be placed in a package with a smaller outline than would be required with a QFN. COL packaging technology is a relatively new development finding success in very small, high-performance portable audio products.

Targeted for audio and video players and portable DAB radios as well as mobile phones, the device features an integrated dual mode headphone driver that can be switched seamlessly to the device user between Class A/B and Class D amplification to save power. A digital core characterised at 1.8V with PLL provides additional power savings.

The WM8986 supports up to two differential microphone and analogue stereo line inputs, enabling direct mixing from an FM radio, and has two pairs of headphone drivers enabling two users on one audio player. An integrated PLL supports input clock between 9 to 27MHz.
The WM8986 includes a built-in audio enhanced DSP for wind noise filter, notch filter, 5 band EQ and 3D stereo.

The WM8986 is available for sampling in a 28-pin COL QFN package.

Lunes, 08 Enero, 2007 - 01:21
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