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La historia se está convirtiendo cada vez más en una carrera entre educación y catástrofe.

Herbert George Wells(1866-1946).
Escritor y filósofo político inglés.
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Edinburgh, UK, - Wolfson Microelectronics today introduced the WM8940 compact mono CODEC which provides enhanced audio record capability in digital still cameras (DSC), camcorders, personal voice recorders and VoIP handsets, using four programmable notch filters to reduce background noise.

An additional key feature of the WM8940 is the ultra-small packaging, which reduces the PCB real estate requirement by 40% compared to the previous generation of parts

The DSC and the camcorder in particular are challenging environments for audio recording and playback. Zoom and focus motors, wind and mechanical vibration on the camera create unwanted noise in the final recording. In addition, the subject of the recording is located further from the microphone than the noise sources inside the camera and requires microphone amplifiers with very high gain levels and sophisticated noise-reduction techniques.

The four fully programmable digital filters in the WM8940 device are optimised for these noisy environments, incorporating an array of programmable DSP functions to reduce noise levels during voice recording. The devices also include an integrated PLL for sample rate flexibility, a headphone and speaker driver, and wind noise filter, to create a complete and integrated sound solution for digital cameras.

The WM8940 is available now in a 4x4 24-pin QFN package.

Lunes, 08 Enero, 2007 - 01:23
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