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Edinburgh, UK, - Wolfson Microelectronics is introducing the world’s smallest CODEC with fully differential-capable headphone driver.

. The WM8987 provides hi-fi quality stereo audio in wireless headsets and other ‘wearable’ electronics. The new device is specifically designed to address Bluetooth® Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) applications and equivalent proprietary alternatives when implementing hi-fi stereo in a wireless headset.

The new Wolfson WM8987L provides high performance and low power consumption in a small 4mm x 4mm footprint. The device works on a 1.8V power supply, yet provides the same audio volume as larger devices using 3.3V. By driving headphone loads differentially, the WM8987L eliminates the need for output capacitors, saving PCB space and BOM cost, whilst providing a better bass response and delivering longer battery life.

“The new class of ‘wearable’ audio and gaming headsets, MP3 players, FM radios and digital audio broadcast receivers requires sound quality on a par with in-home hi-fi in an exceptionally challenging size, cost and power envelope. Our new solution is designed to deliver just that”, commented Nat Edington, Portable Business Unit Manager at Wolfson. “It is now the expectation that wireless headsets should offer hi-fi quality stereo audio. Wolfson already occupies a leadership position in this market, having shipped over 3 million devices into this segment during the last two years.”

The new CODEC features an SNR of 87dB (A-weighted) for recording and 95dB for playback at 1.8V. On-chip bass boost, tone control and 3-D enhancement improve perceived sound quality. Granular power management disables unused sub-circuits to prolong battery life and four flexible analogue inputs reduce electrical noise through the differential microphone connection. The inputs also support an analogue line-in for an on-board FM tuner.

The WM8987L is available now in a 4 x 4 x 0.75mm 28-pin COL QFN package.

Lunes, 08 Enero, 2007 - 01:24
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