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NVIDIA® Preface™ Platform Redefines Functionality in Windows Media Center Remote Controls for Windows Vista

CES 2007-LAS VEGAS, NV-- NVIDIA Corporation , today announced that its award-winning NVIDIA Preface platform is providing the platform technology for a new breed of wireless Bluetooth and consumer IR remote control devices designed for Windows Media Center in Microsoft Windows Vista.

Unlike basic infrared controllers, Bluetooth remote control devices enabled with an NVIDIA Preface platform interact directly with a Media Center PC via Windows SideShow. By viewing the color LCD display integrated into the remote control, users can browse and select from their entire menu of media content options-while still enjoying full-screen viewing on their TV or computer display. Best of all, users are not restricted to any particular room of the house to access their Media Center PC. NVIDIA Preface platform support for Bluetooth wireless offers freedom of mobility throughout the home.

"This new class of remote control is bringing together the best of PC and consumer electronics technology," said John Milner, general manager of personal media processors at NVIDIA Corporation. "Remote controls with the NVIDIA Preface platform and Windows SideShow redefine the meaning of media management, allowing people to wirelessly organize the personal entertainment experience throughout the home."
User-Friendly Versatility
Windows SideShow enables notebook or PC users to access their data from a secondary display/keypad such as the NVIDIA Preface platform embedded in a notebook lid or keyboard. The NVIDIA Preface platform recently extended that functionality with support for Bluetooth wireless technology. The combination of wireless mobility and a compact, full-color display makes the NVIDIA Preface platform ideal for integration into next-generation remote control devices. As a result, consumers have the full range of home entertainment options at their fingertips, allowing them to:

* Play music. Browse the media library, control music playback, and preset radio stations on the PC with the remote control.
* Browse TV and schedule recordings. Browse the TV electronic program guide, view upcoming or current show background, and pick shows to record.
* Select recorded TV. Select a previously recorded program to play back, without interrupting the viewing experience on the TV.
* Provide "now playing" information. The remote shows information about the currently playing content, such as the track title or the time elapsed.
* Access other information. Select other gadgets on the remote such as e-mail, calendar, news headlines, and weather.
* Receive notifications. The remote shows notifications from gadgets on the PC such as calendar reminders and instant messaging sign-ins.

"The addition of Windows SideShow capability represents a major leap in PC and consumer electronics convergence," said Jim Reisteter, vice president of marketing and sales for Interlink Electronics, Inc. "PC remote controls such as our SideLink using Windows SideShow with the NVIDIA Preface platform, are likely to become as indispensable as the mouse for viewing Vista Media Center DVDs, MP3s, video clips, and photos. NVIDIA has been a preferred technology partner in our development of Sidelink and we look forward to working closely with them in the future."

"NVIDIA has broken new ground with Microsoft SideShow technology for remote controls," said Paul Evans, president of SMK America. "The NVIDIA Preface media platform combined with SMK's unparalleled track record with Windows Media Center is a winning combination for producing the next generation of smart remote control devices."

"Windows Vista and Windows SideShow add another exciting dimension to the Windows Media Center experience," said Amen Chi, product marketing and planning manager for TopSeed Technology Corp., an ODM design-manufacturer for wireless connectivity. "By working together with NVIDIA, our customers can offer remote controls that will allow for a highly personalized entertainment experience."

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