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Harris Corporation Introduces New Mini-Sensor to Protect Military Installations, Borders and Other National Security Assets

ROCHESTER, NY,— Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company, has introduced the new Falcon Watch RF-5400VH-SS Mini-Sensor as part of the Harris® Falcon Watch™ Remote Intrusion Detection and Surveillance System.

The Mini-Sensor provides a complete solution for unattended sensing of personnel or vehicles in remote environments. It is ideally suited to force protection missions, the defense of military installations, as well as for the protection of borders and other assets associated with national security.

Utilizing seismic, magnetic or passive infrared detectors, the Mini-Sensor can remotely report intrusions using customized voice prompts or short data bursts. It uses off-the-shelf batteries, and supplies remote intrusion detection solutions for a variety of critical applications that require long operational life.

"The new Falcon Watch Mini-Sensor is small, lightweight and allows for rapid deployment of sensors in a force protection application while its extended operational life makes it ideally suited for remote monitoring applications," said Joe Sternowski, director of Growth Programs at Harris RF Communications. "The sensor's capability of transmitting alarms using both voice and data provides the user with more efficient real-time sensor alerts while automatically getting the information to all necessary decision makers."

Weighing just 0.8 pounds, the Mini-Sensor is approximately the size of a baseball and can be easily transported to a mission and concealed upon emplacement.

The Mini-Sensor can support a mission for six months without requiring replacement of the lithium 9-volt batteries that power the unit, and tamper alarms are broadcast if the Mini-Sensor is disturbed after emplacement. Designed to be buried underground, the Mini-Sensor can withstand the harshest environments.

The Mini-Sensor RF-5400VH-SS can alert personnel of an intrusion with voice alarms received on handheld radios. The data alarms can be received by the Falcon Watch RF-5405 Intelligent Gateway, a communications node that receives alarms from multiple sensors and fuses the data into actionable reports for satellite-based relay to command centers located anywhere in the world.

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