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Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces Single-Channel Video Filter/Driver to Improve Performance and Reduce System Cost in Video Applications

South Portland, Maine––Fairchild Semiconductor, the industry’s largest supplier of highly integrated video filter/drivers, now offers a 4th order, single-channel filter/driver with an 8kV ESD rating and SC70 package option.

The new FMS6141’s active filtering approach improves system reliability and image quality compared to passive solutions and also lowers component count by approximately 20 percent to help reduce test time, design time and inventory costs. The FMS6141 is ideal for applications that require single-channel video filtering and driving such as portable DVD players and printers for digital still cameras.

“Fairchild’s single-channel FMS6141 offers designers a smaller-footprint option than discrete solutions or higher-channel-count video filter/drivers while providing robust 8kV ESD protection and excellent image quality,” said Bill Boldt, Fairchild’s senior marketing manager for Signal Conditioning Products. “The FMS6141 builds upon the success of Fairchild’s previously introduced FMS6143, a 3-channel device that set the industry standard as the highest-performance, lowest-cost video filter/driver available. By adding the single-channel FMS6141 to its video filter/driver family, Fairchild offers designers the flexibility to target a wide range of applications from consumer to automotive.”

Key benefits of the FMS6141 include:

• Image quality––As a 4th order video filter/driver the FMS6141 replaces 2nd or 3rd order passive devices typically used in digital consumer applications. This approach provides better inband and stopband filtering to reduce artifacts in video signals and enhance image quality;

• Versatility––Featuring an 8MHz cut-off frequency and 48dB of stopband attenuation, the FMS6141 meets standard definition (SD) video requirements and is flexible enough for use as an anti-aliasing or reconstruction video-out filter/driver. Its internal diode clamps and bias circuitry accommodate both AC- or DC-coupled input signals;

• Space savings––The FMS6141’s high level of integration and tiny SC70 package option reduce board space compared to typical solutions. By driving either AC- or DC-coupled single (150 Ohm) or dual (75 Ohm) coaxial cable loads it eliminates the need for expensive output coupling capacitors; and

• Reliability––By providing built-in 8kV ESD protection the FMS6141 increases reliability while lowering component count compared to discrete designs that require external ESD-protection diodes.

In addition to the single-channel FMS6141, Fairchild’s line of high-performance, compact video filter/drivers includes the FMS6143 (3-channel), FMS6145 (5-channel), and the FMS6146 (6-channel) devices. For more information about Fairchild’s video, imaging and display products go to:

The FMS6141 is available in SC70-5 or SOIC-8 packages. This lead (Pb)-free device meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and is compliant with European Union regulations now in effect.

Price (each, 1000 pcs): US$ 0.14––FMS6141S5X (SC70-5) and FMS6141CSX (SOIC-8)

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