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STMicroelectronics Remains Committed to Technology Alliances in Crolles

Crolles, France, – STMicroelectronics, one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies, has today restated its strong commitment to technology alliances with partners.

The Company confirms the continuation of its technology development at Crolles, following the announcement of the withdrawal, at the end of 2007, of NXP Semiconductors from the Crolles2 Alliance among ST, Freescale, and NXP.

The Crolles2 Alliance partners will work together to complete the program on 45nm CMOS and effectively manage the transition throughout 2007.

STMicroelectronics strongly believes that the shared R&D business model, exemplified by the Crolles2 Alliance, contributes to the fast acceleration of semiconductor process technology development. ST is therefore pursuing an expansion of its portfolio of alliances and is now in discussions with major semiconductor companies to continue and reinforce technology cooperation in Crolles, as of 2008.

The Crolles2 Alliance was formed in 2000 and renewed in 2002 when Freescale (then Motorola) joined the existing alliance of STMicroelectronics and NXP (then Philips Semiconductors) to create and manufacture future-generation technologies and System-on-Chip solutions more quickly and more cost-effectively. The Alliance consolidates the work of three of the world's leading industry players in semiconductor research and process and library development with the mission to develop advanced processes. In 2002, the partners of the Crolles2 Alliance also signed a joint development program with TSMC for process technology alignment. Additionally, in 2004, the partners of the Alliance signed the Nanotec-300 research program with CEA-LETI for development of the 45 and 32nm process technology nodes, thus further extending the partnership.

The Crolles2 facility is one of the world’s most advanced centers for R&D and the results achieved there have been instrumental in maintaining Europe’s place as a stronghold in the semiconductor industry. The Crolles2 Alliance has delivered outstanding results for the 90nm and 65nm generations, and has contributed significantly to the technology strength of the member companies who have continually ranked in the global top 10 of semiconductor companies.

Miércoles, 17 Enero, 2007 - 11:19
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