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Micrel Launches Dual 2A LDO Featuring Ramp Control and Integrated Tracking or Sequencing Capability

San Jose, Calif., — Micrel Inc., an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today launched the MIC68220, a compact dual 2A LDO regulator aimed at powering FPGA and microcontroller applications including broadband modems, routers, set-top boxes, home entertainment systems, storage networks, wireless base stations, and car infotainment systems.

The MIC68220 is currently available in volume and pricing starts at $3.30 for 1K quantities.

“No other competitor offers the level of flexibility of power-up/down protocols in a single package,” noted Ralf Muenster, Micrel’s director of marketing for power products. “FPGAs, microprocessors and ASICs commonly require a well controlled power-up/down sequence for core and I/O voltages to operate properly and prevent damage to the device. Micrel’s solution addresses all these needs in a single, compact IC. Additionally, as a member of the MIC68000 family of linear regulators, it can be seamlessly integrated into Power One’s Z-One? Digital Power Architecture.”

Micrel’s MIC68220 offers an extremely low component count solution with superior flexibility for supporting a wide variety of voltage supply requirements for current and future FPGAs, microprocessors and other logic ICs. The IC’s low minimum single input voltage of 1.65V and 400mV dropout minimizes power dissipation — all in a single compact device with the smallest possible PCB footprint. The chip also features ramp control, which enables the solution to support a wide variety of power-up/power-down protocols such as sequencing, tracking, adjustable turn-on/off delay and adjustable output voltage slew rate with a minimum number of external components. The MIC68220 offers independently adjustable outputs between 0.8 to 5V in one compact 4mm x 5mm MLF®- 20 package to support core and I/O voltage supplies, accurate to within 2 percent over temperature.

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