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Class Z chipset uses direct digital feedback amplifier (DDFA) technology for a listening experience to rival the best linear amplifiers

Comprising the ZXCZM800 multi-channel digital modulator and the ZXCZA200 analog feedback processor, a digital amplifier chipset from Zetex Semiconductors has been introduced to create audio products capable of producing a sound quality to rival that of the best linear amplifiers.

Based on Zetex Semiconductors’ unique Class Z™ direct digital feedback amplifier (DDFA™) architecture, the chipset enables high performance products such as home theatre, stereo hi-fi and active speaker applications to achieve THD+N performance levels of less than 0.004% and a dynamic range of 120dB.

The chipset creates a highly scalable amplifier architecture that suits power levels from 100W up to 500W into 8Ω. Up to 8 single-ended or 4 bridge-tied load channels can be supported by a single modulator, with flexible combinations of modulator and feedback processor allowing a variety of channel counts to be implemented. Unlike more traditional linear solutions, Class Z integrates the functions of DAC, DSP, pre-amp and power amp, to dramatically simplify system design and reduce cost.

The advanced power management features of the chipset’s DDFA architecture enables it to cope with the most arduous operating conditions. Continuous load monitoring and programmable thresholds combine to provide intelligent short-circuit protection, while speaker impedance can be evaluated and reported to the system controller in order to modify amplifier characteristics. Other options include programmable clip management, dynamic compression and configurable power and current limiting.

DDFA also creates an amplifier with exceptionally low output impedance, important in achieving tight bass control. It also provides an excellent PSRR, meaning audio performance is maintained without the need of an expensive highly regulated power supply.

The Class Z chipset’s DSP capability includes dedicated configurable filters supporting a variety of functions including parametric EQ, active crossover and room or cabinet equalisation. Configuration of up to 14 Bi-quads per channel realizes these high resolution filters, which are complemented by conventional tone controls and inter-channel mixing, mapping and delay.

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