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Analog Devices Debuts The Industry’s Smallest, Most Flexible, Multichannel Converters

  Analog Devices, Inc. today introduced the industry’s smallest and most flexible, multichannel digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Ideal for designers needing flexibility when specifying converters for high-voltage applications, such as factory process control, instrumentation and dc set-point-control applications, the offering includes 12 converters ranging from 12- to 16-bit dual and quad channel devices operating over a wide voltage range on either single or dual power supplies. In addition, the highly configurable DACs feature software-programmable, unipolar and bipolar voltage output ranges that can be independently set per channel. This gives designers the option to eliminate a number of discrete components, such as precision resistors, switches, and external amplifiers. Housed in small, pin-compatible, TSSOP (thin-shrink small-outline) packages, the converters are more than 40 percent smaller than comparable devices. Eliminating discrete components, plus the small package size, translates into board space savings of as much as 70 percent, when compared to existing discrete solutions.

“With our new family of multichannel DACs, industrial designers can reduce board size and increase reliability in their system with any one of 12 highly integrated parts that contain all the components necessary to perform voltage switching,” said Mike Britchfield, product line director, Precision Data Converters, Analog Devices. “These highly configurable devices enable a single board or module design to serve multiple applications, such as instrumentation and data acquisition, without the need for jumpers to obtain different versions of the board. In addition, by taking advantage of the AD5754R’s 16-bit performance and excellent TUE (total unadjusted error), designers can reduce cost by eliminating time-consuming factory calibration sequences.”
ADI’s proprietary iCMOS™ industrial manufacturing process is used to achieve high voltages needed by industrial applications, while leveraging the integration and cost benefits of sub-micron process geometry. When designed into PLC (programmable logic controller) analog output modules or data-acquisition cards, the flexibility of the output range, operation with multiple supplies, and specified TUE combine to eliminate mechanical jumpers and factory calibration sequences. This results in faster design cycles, accelerated time-to-market and reduced cost. The flagship component in the AD57xx DAC family – the 16-bit monotonic AD5754R – achieves an accuracy level of 0.1% (max) TUE, and includes a precision 5-ppm/ºC internal reference.

About the AD57xx DACs
The AD572x, AD573x, and AD575x families are offered in dual and quad configurations in resolutions of 12, 14 and 16 bits and operate from single supply voltages of 4.5 V to 16.5 V, or dual supply voltages of ±4.5 V to ±16.5 V. The output range of the devices is software selectable from options of 5 V, 10 V, ±5 V, ±10 V plus an over-range setting.


The new DACs incorporate a 30-MHz SPI (serial peripheral interface), power-on reset and a per-channel power-down mode. Additionally, the devices offer hardware LDAC and CLR functionality, and the on-chip programmable precision output amplifier allows rail-to-rail output swing to be achieved, maximizing dynamic range and enabling the device to deliver the performance needed in a wide variety of industrial and instrumentation applications. Each device comes with the option of an integrated precision 5-ppm/ºC reference and is fully specified over the industrial temperature range. The AD57xx expands ADI’s iCMOS precision DAC portfolio of multichannel small package devices, which include the AD5725, AD5744 and AD5764.

The AD57xx family of high-voltage DACs complements ADI’s leading iCMOS amplifiers, including the AD8662 and AD8664. The AD8662 and AD8664 op amps offer the industry’s highest precision at 100uV voltage offset specified at 5V and 16V, and low input bias and rail-to-rail output, making them ideal for applications that require high levels of dc accuracy, such as industrial process control and motor control.

Viernes, 09 Febrero, 2007 - 11:25
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