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MD and Impinj sign an international agreement to develop RFID in Spain and Portugal

MD Soluciones de Identificación, the number one firm in implementing industrial identification systems in Spain, and Impinj, the leading American manufacturer of ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID components, have concluded an agreement to develop RFID in Spain and Portugal.

RFID (or Radio Frequency Identification) is an industrial identification technology aimed at improving supply chain processes. Its distinguishing feature is the capture of data by means of radio waves, without needing a line of sight between the reader and the label, which speeds up the process of stocktaking and inventory management, and cuts the costs involved in these processes. Moreover, as it makes it possible to monitor the movement of products in real time, safety and the ability to react to risk situations in production processes are significantly increased.

This technology, which comes from the United States, represents the next step forward from bar codes, and will change the logistics processes and warehousing and inventory management systems in major retail centres.

The agreement reached by the two companies envisages the use of technology from the American firm IMPINJ to implement RFID in large-scale projects, as well as distributing its RFID readers on the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

This agreement is the first in a series of international strategic alliances being concluded by MD Soluciones de Identificación together with the main technological backers of RFID.
Impinj is among the companies which created UHF GEN2, the standard frequency currently used throughout the world, and holds significant RFID patents. Impinj’s RFID chips and readers are successfully deployed in numerous large retail and distribution environments.

MD is currently highly committed to developing and implementing RFID technology. To date it has invested over 1.2 million euros, rising to 6 million over the next four years. MD Soluciones de Identificación has implemented more than 11,400 solutions in over 4,750 businesses and, on the basis of its customers' label consumption, estimates that 60,000 products are identified with its equipment every minute.

Regarding large-scale projects, at the end of 2006 MD signed a consultation agreement to implement RFID technology across the whole of the Leche Pascual group's product range. The volume involved in this, several million chips, will make this one of the biggest RFID projects so far in the world.

Chris Diorio, Chairman and co-founder of Impinj: “Impinj is pleased to partner with MD to bring the highest performance UHF Gen2 RFID products for pallet, case, and item tagging to key end users in Spain and Portugal. MD and Impinj have successfully introduced RFID technology solutions that allow customers to deploy Gen2 RFID in large-scale rollouts with a clear and compelling ROI.”
Santiago Depares, President of MD “We believe that the technology being developed by Impinj includes the features the market needs to implement RFID on a massive scale in the supply chain.”

Miércoles, 14 Marzo, 2007 - 11:49
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