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Galileo Galilei(1564-1642).
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IXYS Introduces New Linear Power MOSFETs

IXYS Corporation announces the release of a new family of 500V to 1200V Linear Power MOSFETs incorporating a proprietary cell design that significantly improves ruggedness and power dissipation capabilities. This new family of Power MOSFETs uses cutting edge technology to provide unprecedented performance in applications requiring precision and consistency during linear operation, consistent with IXYS’ Power MOSFET market leadership position.

Unlike normal MOSFET operation where the transistor functions like an on/off switch, linear applications subject the MOSFET to high thermal stress due to the simultaneous occurrence of high drain voltage and current. This is why Trench and other planar MOSFET technologies are not recommended for linear operation. However, the new Linear MOSFETs are designed to meet these robust conditions mainly required by the consumer and industrial markets. Common applications include linear power supplies, class A amplifiers, electronic loads, programmable resistors and motor control.

Optimizations were made to the fundamental planar cell design in order to maximize the power dissipation capabilities of this Linear Power MOSFET family. The Forward Bias Safe Operating Area (FBSOA) characteristic is one such targeted parameter that was optimized, which essentially allowed for a larger operating “window” as dictated by the power limitations of the device. This extended power window translates to improved ruggedness and power dissipation capabilities during the high thermal stress conditions posed by the linear operating environment.

IXYS provides a wide selection of Linear Power MOSFETs. Voltages include 500V, 1000V and 1200V, while currents range from 17A to 62A. These Power MOSFETs are offered in a number of different packages including the standard TO-247 and a variety of “plus” sizes. These new devices are also compatible with IXYS ISOPLUS packages, which provide integral backside case isolation. The IXTK46N50L (500V, 46A, Rdson = 0.18Ohms) and IXTN17N120L (1200V, 17A, Rdson = 0.99Ohms) are just some examples of new Linear Power MOSFETs with superior electrical and thermal performance.

Miércoles, 18 Abril, 2007 - 12:29
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