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New One-Chip Audio CODEC Gives Digital Cameras Cutting-Edge Recording Features

Asahi Kasei EMD Corporation today introduced the AK4646, a low-power, high quality stereo A/D and D/A converter. It features a built-in microphone amplifier, an auto level control (ALC) circuit and a high-performance noise filter, making it ideal for digital video cameras, still cameras and other voice recording equipments. This new chip is a part of the expanding Audio2goTM range.

The single-chip stereo CODEC incorporates high performance digital filtering which will enhance the performance of voice-processing. A high-pass filter virtually eliminates external wind-noise, while a five-band equalizer can perform as a notch filter to minimise mechanical noise generated from within the camera. A stereo emphasis filter improves the recording performance of miniature stereo recording devices where the left and right channel stereo microphones are in close position.

The CODEC provides low-noise preamplifiers for microphones, supporting both differential and single-ended inputs. Other features are a power supply circuit for condenser microphones, an ALC circuit and digital volume control for recording/playback, and a 400mW speaker amplifier. Sampling rates range from 7.35 to 48 kHz and the operating voltage ranges from 2.2 to 3.6V.

The AK4646 is equipped with a power-supply management function for the On/Off control of each circuit block and a three wire microprocessor interface. A separate 1.6 V digital power supply allows a direct interface with other chips, such as a CPU for low power consumption.

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