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Broadband, High-Linearity, Demodulator Enables High Data Rate Modems

  The ADL5387 high performance, wide input range demodulator enables high capacity digital modems for microwave radio transmission and next generation broadband access systems, such as 802.16 WiMAX and WiBro applications. Unlike competing and prior generations of demodulators, the ADL5387 provides one-of-a-kind wideband and broadband operation with increased performance and flexibility across an input frequency that spans 50 MHz to 2 GHz.

High capacity modems are implemented with higher order modulation, such as OFDM and 128QAM, across wider signal bandwidths. The ADL5387 addresses these requirements by integrating a highly accurate divide-by-two quadrature phase splitter with outstanding amplitude and phase balance, and high-linearity Gilbert cell mixers.

The mixer cores provide unequalled linearity—with ▀dBm third order intercept (IP3) at 900 MHz—and excellent demodulation accuracy with 0.1-dB amplitude and 0.5-degree phase accuracy. This highly balanced design provides >60 dBc LO rejection and low second order distortion, both critical specs for higher order demodulation applications. Additionally, the ADL5387 features a 240-MHz demodulation bandwidth, enabling demodulation of the widest of input signal bandwidths. The baseband output stage delivers a conversion gain of approximately 5 dB and high output drive, minimizing the need for auxiliary output amplifiers.

With these specifications and core attributes, the ADL5387 enables the highest capacity microwave modems, simplifies design, and allows operation across the widest range of input frequencies and signal bandwidths. The ADL5387 is ideally suited for use in the highest capacity microwave radio modems, and the IF signal paths of next generation broadband wireless access systems, such as 802.16 WiMAX and WiBro applications.

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