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High Performance 32-bit Audio DAC Features Industry-Leading Low Latency

Asahi Kasei EMD Corporation (AKEMD) today launched the AK4390, a high performance 32-bit stereo DAC. It is the newest member of the Audio4proTM product family. Based on the new high quality sound architecture of the AK4397, which is an innovative development of the Audio4pro family, the AK4390 has an advanced architecture that enables higher quality sound for professional and high-end audio instruments. A newly developed 32-bit short delay filter is able to accurately reproduce the original recorded sound with an impulse response without pre-echo. This is a different from existing products and it gives direct sensation of the sound. Additionally, the ultra-low 7/fs group delay (GD) makes the AK4390 suitable for live sound applications.

The 32-bit digital operation block provides full 32-bit processing for the audio interface, a perfect linear phase digital filter and an advanced delta-sigma modulator. High accuracy D/A conversion of 32-bit audio signals is performed, and an innovative design technique, a symmetrical layout for left-right channels is included. The fully symmetrical layout of the analog block ensures that the signal from the digital block has the shortest path possible to the analog block to avoid noise coupling for improved sound quality.

The AK4390 supports sampling rates from 30kHz to 216kHz, fully differential analog outputs, a digital attenuator, de-emphasis filters, soft mute and zero detect functions. High performance specifications are achieved, with a dynamic range of 120dB and THD+N of 103dB. The device operates off of a single +5V power supply.

The AK4390 provides high sound quality at a low price by miniaturizing the package, making it suitable for applications including high quality home audio systems. Function and software compatibility with the highly regarded 32-bit DAC AK4397 already deployed in high-end audio products enables an easy cost-reduction path for tiered products. Evaluation boards are available for two optimized applications – high sound quality and high specification performance. Samples are available immediately. The AK4390 supports 192kHz PCM audio data, and it is suitable for professional audio equipment such as a high-end CD player, DVD-Audio, AV receiver and digital mixer. To obtain more information, contact Asahi Kasei EMD Corporation, Audio Business Operation, Nishi-Shinjuku 1-23-7, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan.

About Audio4proTM
The Audio4proTM brand identifies AKMTM professional audio products that are designed for pro audio equipments, including mixing consoles, electronic musical instruments, and sound effectors meeting the highest sound quality standards of recording studios. The Audio4proTM brand product range provides world-leading performance with high quality sound.

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