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Pericom Delivers Industry First Re-Driver and Re-Timer Devices for High-Speed Serial Applications

San Jose, CA - Pericom Semiconductor Corporation has developed a new family of EQX products to help solve signal integrity challenges that design engineers are facing with advanced high-speed designs based on differential signals in applications like PCI Express.

With the advent of high-speed protocols like the PCI Express serial bus architecture at 2.5Gbps rates, system designers are confronted with the challenges associated with maintaining eye-pattern signal integrity at the receiver end points. Pericom's new Re-Driver (PI2EQX4401, PI2EQX4402) and Re-Timer (PI2EQX4410) devices focus on the demands of high-speed serial interfaces in the form of signal boosters that adjust signal levels based on equalization, pre-emphasis/de-emphasis techniques resulting in the eye-pattern at the receiver end showing the margins needed to conform to high speed signal protocols including PCI Express, SATA, SAS, and XAUI standards.

"Pericom has mastered the techniques of Pre-emphasis, De-emphasis, and Equalization circuits to reverse the behavior of "attenuation vs. frequency", in order to compensate the effects, and thereby restore the signals at the end point," said Shaf Rahman, Director of Marketing for Switch & Interface Products. "PI2EQX4401/02 Re-Driver products apply programmable equalization and De-emphasis techniques to pre-compensate for the signal attenuation for the transmitted signal. Our PI2EQX4410 Re-Timer product, with its Clock-to-Data Recovery (CDR) circuitry, gets rid of all the jitter by re-generating the data using a clean local reference clock. The 4410 Re-Timer also applies de-emphasis to the transmitted signal to reduce ISI induced jitter at the far end of the signal path," Rahman continued.

Key Features:

* 2.5Gbps serial PCIe Repeater/Equalizer with clock buffer
* Programmable Receiver Equalization, Transmitter De-Emphasis & Amplitude
* Spread Spectrum Reference Clock Buffer Outputs
* 100-ohm Differential CML I/O's
* Operates with 100 or 125MHz reference clock
* Supports up to 30 inches of FR4 trace
* Low Power (100mW per Channel)
* Vcc Operating Range: 1.8V 0.1V
* I2C programmability (x4410 only)
* Clock Data Recovery (x4410 only)

Martes, 26 Julio, 2005 - 06:00
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