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Cirrus Logic Expands Analog-to-Digital Audio Converter Portfolio With Focus on Integration, Premium Audio Quality

AUSTIN, Texas – With a focus on superior audio quality, Cirrus Logic Inc. has introduced the CS5368, an analog-to-digital (ADC) audio converter integrated circuit (IC) that eliminates the need for incorporating multiple stereo analog-to-digital converters for surround-sound or multichannel applications. Through feature integration, the CS5368 provides system designers with a space-saving solution that streamlines product development, reduces design complexity and lowers overall system cost compared to boards that use multiple stereo ADCs.

The CS5368 is the industry’s first eight-channel audio ADC to feature a high-speed TDM interface, which provides a serial output of eight channels of audio data with sample rates up to 192 kHz within a single data stream. This capability reduces layout constraints and relieves input/output constraints on digital signal processors. Low latency digital filtering makes the CS5368 ideal for live-sound and real-time audio applications.

“Through the CS5368’s advanced, fifth-order, multi-bit Delta Sigma architecture and low-latency digital filtering, we were able to achieve superior audio performance by preserving the integrity of the audio source,” said Jason Rhode, vice president, Mixed-Signal Audio Products Division, Cirrus Logic. “These qualities make the CS5368 ideal for a wide variety of consumer and professional audio applications, such as audio/video receivers, home theater systems, digital mixing consoles, outboard audio converters, PC soundcards, external audio interfaces, DSP amplifiers and various automotive audio systems.”

Cirrus Logic also offers the IC in pin-compatible four- and six-channel options (CS5364 and CS5366), providing an easy upgrade path. Each IC provides an impressive 114 dB dynamic range and a negligible low-noise measurement of –105 dB THD+N. The ICs also feature a differential architecture that provides excellent noise rejection and performs sampling, analog-to-digital conversion and anti-alias filtering. Each IC also supports all common PCM and TDM audio formats.

Miércoles, 27 Julio, 2005 - 04:02
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