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Oki Electric Adds Behavior Recognition Function to Its Remote Video Surveillance System, VisualCast®-SS

Tokyo, Japan, - Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. today announced it has added a "Behavior Recognition Function" to its remote video surveillance system, VisualCast®-SS. This new function detects and alerts suspicious behavior and intrusions, which is based on the software "Active Alert™" from ActivEye®, Inc. in the U.S. This system is the first in the industry to integrate video distribution functions with behavior recognition functions. This function strengthens security by automatically detecting suspicious or threatening behaviors of people or vehicles, thus vastly increasing surveillance efficiency while reducing costs. Sales will start from August 1, 2005 to the Japanese market.

"It's been 2 years since we launched VisualCast-SS, installing it in government, local government and airport facilities in Japan based on our high-quality video distribution technology that communicates over IP networks," said Masashi Ide, President of Broadband Media Company at Oki Electric. "By adding the new Behavior Recognition Function, VisualCast-SS can improve surveillance quality and efficiency while at the same time reducing their cost."

This new function detects the intruder based on the behavior patterns pre-selected by the end user, and alerts the surveillance center in a remote location. This system does not distribute recorded surveillance video or alert all intrusions in the selected area as conventional surveillance have, but it automatically detects intruders that violate specified conditions for the surveillance area. When a threat or violation is detected, the system creates a notice, which displays the intruder's behavior pattern at the surveillance center, controls camera angles and alerts. By adding these functions onto VisualCast-SS with a high quality distribution system, it can conduct concentrated surveillance for large, wide and multi-location areas efficiently.
Major features for Behavior Recognition Function

* Accurate behavior recognition and intrusion detection through surveillance camera video instead of sensors.
* Enables users to flexibly set operation policies (detection conditions, intruder size and behaviors). By alerting on violations of established policy, detection of disallowed behaviors becomes far more efficient when specific conditions occur, allowing a rapid and appropriate response.
* Provides authorities with real time "actionable intelligence" prior to critical incidents, making surveillance operations more efficient.
* The system also provides a complete event history that can be utilized to allocate security officers to the highest priority surveillance areas.

Miércoles, 27 Julio, 2005 - 04:59
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