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Harris Corp. Announces Delivery of Turnkey Networked Audio and Console System to Clear Channel Albany's New Radio Facility

CINCINNATI – Harris Corporation's Broadcast Communications Division (BCD) today announced that Clear Channel Albany (New York), owner of seven regional radio stations (WGY-AM, WOFX-AM, WHRL-FM, WKKF-FM, WPYX-FM, WRVE-FM, and WTRY-FM), has purchased a turnkey radio systems package featuring a Harris PR&E VistaMax™ networked audio management system with multiple Harris PR&E digital consoles. Harris also will provide all studio furniture and cabinetry through its Smoothline® brand to house the new equipment, along with all studio wiring.

Clear Channel Albany is relocating its seven stations, currently spread across two separate facilities, into a newly built facility in Latham, New York. The new consolidated operation, expected to launch this summer, brings an enormous amount of flexibility to Clear Channel Albany, including improved resource sharing across multiple studios, more efficient communication among all stations, and centralized engineering staffing.

"It's challenging to coordinate business transactions and technical operations for seven radio stations across two different facilities, and it can become a coordination nightmare if you're forced to divert manpower in two different directions," said David Abdoo, director of engineering, Clear Channel Albany. "The consolidated facility reflects a far more efficient operation, and the decision to go with a networked routing system is central to our success. When we started building out this facility, we did so with the knowledge that radio stations switch formats on a somewhat regular basis. The VistaMax™ system allows us to add or subtract stations and repurpose studios rather easily to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of radio. And the fact that Harris was able to provide a turnkey package of routers, consoles, furniture and wiring allowed us to eliminate the complex coordination process of working with multiple vendors."

Clear Channel Albany will integrate seven Harris PR&E RMXdigital™ consoles, six Airwave® consoles and one Impulse® console into the VistaMax™ system. Using VistaMax™, all seven stations can pass resources, including programs received via satellite or produced within its facility, through networked routing connections that are a vast improvement over the group's current patchbay system. Each station will use an RMXdigital™ for on-air operations, while the Airwave® consoles are intended for production use. News talker WGY-AM will use the Impulse® console at the facility's news booth, and the other six stations will have access to the booth. The VistaMax™ system also will connect to a separate live performance studio that will be shared amongst all seven stations.

Abdoo added that the RMXdigital™ provides built-in redundancy, citing that backup engines would have been required to initiate redundancy in the other consoles they evaluated. Built-in redundancy allows the studios to stay on-air should the engineering staff turn off VistaMax™ for maintenance purposes, and it eliminates the additional cost and bulk associated with backup redundancy solutions.

"Clear Channel Albany is a prime example of how middle market station groups can benefit from consolidating multiple stations into one facility," said Debra Huttenburg, vice president and general manager of Harris BCD's Radio Broadcast Systems business unit. "This philosophy is not restricted to large markets only. Harris and PR&E products were targeted at large markets for years, but we've managed to expand our radio systems and console solutions to smaller and middle markets with the introduction of VistaMax™, RMXdigital™ and similar products. Much of what we've introduced in the form of these products was influenced by feedback from customers like Clear Channel that have a major presence in these markets. This announcement is proof positive of our efforts to develop products tailored to meet all market sizes and applications."

Viernes, 29 Julio, 2005 - 05:30
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