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National Instruments RF Measurement Devices Selected for Telecommunication Monitoring in China

Chengdu Huari Telecommunication Company (Huari Telecom), a major developer and manufacturer of radio directional finding systems in China, selected National Instruments China Corporation for a half-million-dollar (USD) solution for spectral monitoring, directional finding and signal identification based on PXI, the multivendor standard for modular instrumentation.

Huari Telecom, along with NI China local system integrator VI Service Network, developed the HR-100, a patent-pending wideband radio receiver and monitoring system based on the National Instruments PXI-5660 RF vector signal analyzer. With this new system, users have enhanced functions for monitoring signals inside and outside government-regulated frequency bands while pinpointing the source of transmission or interference with the signal identification and directional finding capabilities. The HR-100 system also provides multiple RF parametric functions, such as constellation analysis and time-frequency analysis. This system recently passed the validation test of the China Radio Administration Bureau, the most authoritative governmental institute for radio management.

Huari Telecom can use the system as both a radio receiver and an RF vector signal analyzer to monitor modern wideband digital telecommunication signals and conventional narrowband analog broadcast signals. In addition, Huari Telecom engineers can configure this system as a single-channel receiver or a multiple-channel directional finding system. They leverage the 20 MHz IF bandwidth of the NI PXI-5660 RF vector signal analyzer for innovative simultaneous multiple signal direction finding.

“We significantly improved the functionality and performance of our radio monitor and directional finding systems by using NI RF modules and PXI platform,” said Jingyou Mo, president of Huari Telecom. “Because our new system uses an open software-defined radio platform, we now can perform standard and custom measurements that previously required several dedicated standalone instruments. In addition, we can also make system updates to meet the future needs of wireless standards, which is critical as wireless standards rapidly change.”

The software includes a radio receiver toolset based on National Instruments LabVIEW software with a C interface developed by VI Service Network. The system is comprised of the National Instruments PXI-5660 RF vector signal analyzer, the NI PXI-8187 2.5 GHz Pentium 4 embedded PXI controller and the PXI-1042 eight-slot PXI chassis, in addition to accessories and services from Huari Telecom and VI Service Network

Martes, 30 Agosto, 2005 - 12:16
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