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Freescale steers automotive market forward with industry-first FlexRay™ device

  AUSTIN, Texas — Freescale Semiconductor's MFR4200 FlexRay™ controller is now available in production quantities. With the introduction of the first automotive-qualified FlexRay device, Freescale is helping advance the automotive industry's development of next-generation automotive control applications.

By standardizing on the FlexRay protocol, automobile manufacturers can lower development and production costs; centralize and simplify the introduction of advanced high-speed electronic control systems; and increase overall vehicle stability and safety. The MFR4200 is designed to help automakers achieve these results by delivering 10 times more throughput than current controller area network (CAN) solutions and providing the fault tolerance and time-deterministic performance required for x-by-wire applications.

"As the number of embedded controllers for safety, reliability and comfort systems within the vehicle increases, a time-triggered communication system is critical," said Chris Webber, vice president of the Automotive Practice at Strategy Analytics. "With major automotive industry players committed to adopting the FlexRay protocol in the near future, the MFR4200 represents an important and timely investment for Freescale."

X-by-wire automotive subsystems (including braking, steering, suspension/reaction control and throttle control) are expected to gradually replace most hydraulic lines and mechanical cables with wire-based networks, sensors and motors. The MFR4200 is designed to serve the needs of this market by providing a high level of communication bandwidth and deterministic, fault-tolerant data transmission.

This MFR4200 device is ideal for chassis control, body electronics and powertrain applications and offers seamless integration with a wide range of microcontrollers. In addition, FlexRay complements the major in-vehicle networking standards (CAN, LIN and MOST) by adding a high-speed protocol for the most demanding systems.

"We believe FlexRay is destined to be the de facto global standard for innovative high-speed control applications in the car," said Juergen Weyer, vice president and general manager of Freescale's Transportation & Standard Products Group in Europe, Middle East and Africa. "The list of manufacturers embracing the protocol — including Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, GM, Toyota and Volkswagen — underscores the momentum FlexRay has already achieved. As a core partner in the FlexRay Consortium, we're working to help proliferate the standard."


MFR4200 features

* Bit rate up to a maximum of 10 Mbit/sec on each of two channels
* Two channels
* Redundant for fault tolerance
* Independent for 2x bandwidth
* 59 message buffers, each with a payload of up to 32 bytes of data
* Each message buffer configurable as receive buffer, transmit buffer (single or double) or as part of the receive first in-first out (FIFO)
* 64-pin low-profile quad flat package (LQFP)

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