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Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces the Industry’s Most Highly Integrated Standard Definition, Precision Video Filter/Driver for Set-Top Boxes and Personal Video Recorders

  San Jose, Calif - Fairchild Semiconductor’s FMS6406 is the industry’s most highly integrated standard definition, low-pass reconstruction video filter/driver. This device features an integrated sound notch and output drivers that meet the latest cable and satellite set-top box performance requirements of 170 ns group delay predistortion. The FMS6406 compensates for the inherent distortion in the TV receiver by including a group delay and chroma-luma delay FCC predistortion circuit that prevents the image’s high-frequency edges from appearing distorted on the TV screen. The notch filter creates a window in the video signal at approximately 4.5 MHz to eliminate interference between the audio and video before these signals are combined in the channel 3 / 4 RF modulator.

“Fairchild’s highly integrated video filter reduces board space by 30% to 40% by effectively replacing discrete reconstruction filters, an external sound notch and group delay compensation circuits and cable drivers, while increasing system reliability in set-top box and personal video recorder (PVR) applications. This integration translates into significant board savings,” says Jeremy Tole, Fairchild’s technical marketing manager, Video Products. “The FMS6406 answers a pressing need in the set-top box and PVR market by providing a highly efficient and inherently low-cost system solution.”

Fairchild’s FMS6406, a 5th order video filter, eliminates unwanted digital artifacts by significantly reducing the clock and image frequencies after the digital-to-analog conversion process occurs on an MPEG chip. This video filter/driver is also capable of DC coupling on the outputs to improve the low-frequency video, while at the same time eliminating the need for three large capacitors.

Typical designs for set-top boxes offer both S-video and composite-video outputs. Fairchild’s FMS6406 offers separate chrominance and luminance outputs to directly drive the S-video output. These outputs are also internally summed to form a composite video signal. The composite- and S-video outputs provide a fixed gain of 6 dB and offer the flexibility of either AC or DC coupling.


Key features include:

• Dual 5th order 7.6 MHz low-pass filters eliminate unwanted digital artifacts;

• RF modulator support –– Integrated equalizer and sound notch filter for driving the RF modulator;

• 4.5 MHz sound trap removes video noise in the spectral location of the subsequent FM audio carrier;

• 170 ns group delay / chroma-luma delay predistortion for NTSC applications (as required for broadcast transmitters by the FCC) compensates for the inherent receiver IF filter’s group delay distortion;

• AC-coupled inputs and a DC restoration circuit for low tilt;

• The inputs are Y/C and include a Y sync tip clamp and chroma blanking clamp;

• The filtered outputs are Y/C and CV with 50 dB stopband attenuation at 27 MHz and better than 0.5 dB flatness to 4.2 MHz;

• All outputs are capable of driving 2 Vpp, AC- or DC-coupled, into either a single or dual 75 Ohm video load; and

• Internal chroma-luma summing circuit for driving composite video outputs.

The FMS6406 is offered in a space-saving 8-pin SOIC package. This product is lead (Pb)-free and meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020B and is compliant with European Union requirements now in effect.

Price: (1,000 pcs) –– FMS6406CS (rail) and FMS6406CSX (tape reel) both US$1.69
Availability: Now
Delivery: 12-16 weeks ARO

Jueves, 01 Septiembre, 2005 - 08:24
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