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CSR helps iCombi design iPod compatible stereo headset

Cambridge, UK – CSR plc has confirmed that its world-leading BlueCore silicon is the critical technology behind iCombi's new Bluetooth stereo headset, the AH10. With CSR's support, iCombi presents music lovers, including iPod users, around the world with a stylish and wireless way of listening to music on the move while never missing another call. The AH10 is available now and is compatible with all v1.1 or v1.2 Bluetooth music devices supporting the new A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile) and AVRCP (audio visual remote control profile).

The AH10 Bluetooth stereo headset offers the highest quality sound in a small package weighing only 80g. Using a simple one-touch pairing system, the AH10 can be linked to any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, laptop, MP3 music or multimedia device. By pairing the AH10 with iCombi's AP11 iPod Bluetooth dongle, iPod aficionados can finally go wireless without compromising on functionality or design. The headset incorporates power on/off, standard music and volume controls and integrated microphone for handsfree use with a mobile phone.

The DSP architecture of BlueCore gives CSR a clear advantage over competitors using an ARM processor core which require higher levels of power and therefore impose greater drain on battery life. iCombi claims up to 11 hours operating time for the AH10, a level comparable with operating times of most portable music players.

CSR leads the Bluetooth headset market with BlueCore being used in 85% of all Bluetooth headset designs publicly listed on the Bluetooth SIG website in 2004. "BlueCore was the obvious choice for our stereo Bluetooth products," noted Brian Yoo, managing director, iCombi. "The technical expertise required to create a headset which can not only connect to a music device and control playback remotely but stop playback and switch to the mobile phone connection to answer a call and resume playback once the call is finished, is extremely advanced. CSR engineers have enabled us to create just such a product with long battery life and extremely high quality audio."

BlueCore3-Multimedia implements the advanced measures introduced by the v1.2 Bluetooth standard to reduce interference with other wireless devices. Adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) maintains the strength of the Bluetooth link by avoiding 'busy' frequencies. These techniques combine with the new A2DP profile and software enhancements to ensure that sound quality, be it stereo music or voice streams, is without fault.

"Wireless stereo headsets are the 'hot product' of 2005," commented Luke D’Arcy, product marketing manager, CSR. "Consumers demand comfort, style and ease of use, but above all, they expect audio quality to be the same as with a high-level wired headset. The iCombi Bluetooth stereo headset not only delivers on all of these counts, our BlueCore3-Multimedia technology allows a seamless transfer between music streams and voice calls, removing the need to put your hand in your pocket to stop the music and answer a call."

Jueves, 01 Septiembre, 2005 - 09:49
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