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RAD Data Communications Chooses LatticeEC FPGA and ispMACH 4000 CPLD for its Optimux Multiplexer

HILLSBORO, OR - Lattice Semiconductor Corporation announced that RAD Data Communications has selected the LatticeEC™ FPGA as well as the ispMACH™ 4000 CPLD for its advanced Optimux-T3 multiplexer. The Optimux-T3 multiplexer provides a highly cost-effective and simple solution for transporting multiple E1 and T1 links, as well as a combination of E1 and T1, over a standard T3 electrical signal or fiber link. The Optimux provides flexible solutions to meet the specific requirements of a broad range of applications. The Lattice devices manage the cross connect on the E1/T1 platform, and provide the interface logic to the Framer as well as other circuits.

"We found the Lattice FPGA and CPLD devices were an extremely cost effective design solution for our product," said Ernest Leizer, Team Leader of the ATM Group at RAD. "Of course, we evaluated devices from several suppliers, and found the price/performance ratio and I/O combination of the Lattice devices ideal for our project. In fact, we are now looking at the new LatticeXP™ non-volatile FPGA for use in future designs in order to eliminate the boot PROM."

"Just a year after their introduction, LatticeEC and LatticeECP™ FPGAs are being used in a remarkable variety of designs around the world," said Stan Kopec, Lattice vice president of corporate marketing. "Customers such as RAD Data Communications are discovering that our low cost FPGAs deliver high performance. And now, with the recent introduction of the non-volatile LatticeXP FPGAs, customers can take advantage of the benefits of non-volatility without having to forfeit SRAM technology," Kopec concluded.

Jueves, 01 Septiembre, 2005 - 09:55
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