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New Vishay FunctionPAK® DC/DC Converters and Current Control Modules

  MALVERN, Pa - Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced that it is making all of its FunctionPAK® dc-to-dc converters and current control modules available in a new surface-mount adaptor board configuration to support engineering prototype assembly.

While most production operations can handle the standard FunctionPAK surface-mount BGA configuration, the new “SM“ (FX4040 G7XX ADJ SM, FX5545 GXXX XXX SM, FX5959 G701 ADJ SM) versions of the FunctionPAK devices will facilitate the assembly process for any engineering lab that finds it difficult to handle the BGA configuration in its prototype assembly lab.

The surface-mount adaptor board is modeled on the BGA package, but the device’s contacts have been modified to extend out from under the package to scalloped castellations around the edges of the adaptor board. Either a reflow solder connection or hand soldering can be used.

The “SM“ (FX4040 G7XX ADJ SM, FX5545 GXXX XXX SM, FX5959 G701 ADJ SM) versions are the second of two FunctionPAK options expressly intended to streamline the design prototype process. Also available is a “PI“ series of plug-in versions of all devices in the FunctionPAK® family, which can be plugged easily into a "bread board" for prototyping and testing. The “PI“ series devices offer a 0.1-in. grid pin configuration for soldering directly into the circuit board and a standard socket for the added flexibility of switching different modules in and out of the circuit.



Vishay FunctionPAK dc-to-dc converters are the smallest, lowest-profile complete dc-to-dc converter solutions in the industry, requiring no external components to achieve the complete circuit function. Intended primarily for point-of-load converters in intermediate bus architectures, these converters are available as either boost or buck converters with power output up to 15 W and output current up to 4 A. Input voltages from 2.5 V to 6 V are converted to output voltages of 0.8 V to 6 V with efficiencies up to 95%.

Vishay current control products, also available in the surface-mount adaptor board configuration, include the 15 W, 2.5 A power LED driver and the smaller 60 W, 2 A (max.) current controller. The controller is available with a single channel or with two channels (one or two independent controllers) in the same package.

While intended primarily for prototyping operations, FunctionPAK “SM“ (FX4040 G7XX ADJ SM, FX5545 GXXX XXX SM, FX5959 G701 ADJ SM) versions are also available in production quantities. Both samples and production quantities are available now, with lead times of six weeks for larger orders.


Jueves, 08 Septiembre, 2005 - 12:40
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