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STMicroelectronics Extends Low-Cost ST7Lite MCU Family to Include Enhanced Timer and Interface Peripherals

  Geneva – STMicroelectronics today announced a new series of 8-bit Flash microcontrollers within the low-cost ST7Lite family which add new embedded peripherals to the established ST7Lite feature set. The ST7FLITE3 MCUs introduce an enhanced 12-bit auto-reload timer and a master/slave LINSCI™ asynchronous interface into the 20-pin package, and mark a significant step forward in communication and control functionality for real-time, industrial, consumer and motor control applications.

The 12-bit timer offers four independent PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) output channels with programmable Dead Time generation, intended for use in half-bridge driving mode in motor control applications where PWM signals must not be allowed to overlap; a 2kHz to 4MHz frequency range; programmable duty cycles; polarity control; and programmable output modes.

The embedded hardware LINSCI asynchronous serial interface will enable smooth implementation of LIN (Local Interconnect Network) bus applications, in the automotive, industrial and appliance sectors. ST’s exclusive LINSCI is a hardware-enhanced SCI port designed to simplify software design, and to increase system performance by reducing CPU overhead. LIN is typically used in low-end automotive applications for communication between 12V intelligent sensors and actuators, but is also increasingly popular in industrial and consumer systems for reducing wiring complexity.

The ST7FLITE3 series is supported by a complete set of hardware and software development tools, both from ST and from third parties. Low cost tools such as ST’s Stick Programmer and the ST7FLITE-SK/RAIS development kit from Raisonance enable developers to rapidly and efficiently create, build and debug low-cost MCU-based systems. These tools integrate easily with the ST7 C compilers from Cosmic and Metrowerks, and are complemented by the free ST7 Software Library.


Other on-chip functions – including a highly accurate internal 1MHz oscillator, a fast 10-bit ADC with op-amp, and a trimmable Reset circuit with low voltage detection – simplify system design and reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for external circuitry for these functions. The 8 kbytes of Extended Flash memory operates on a single power supply voltage to reduce board complexity and provide fast programming.

ST’s ST7Lite series is a full range of entry level 8-bit Flash microcontrollers intended for cost-sensitive applications. They provide outstanding flexibility at every stage of the product cycle, from the first prototype to production, ensuring reduced cost of ownership and fast time to market. All the MCUs use the same single-voltage Flash technology and are programmed using the same techniques and tools.

The ST7FLITE3 is available now in the 20-pin SO20 and DIP20 package. US pricing is $1.30 in quantities of 10,000 pieces.

Lunes, 12 Septiembre, 2005 - 10:53
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