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Atmel and LG Electronics, Inc. Collaborate on a DMB Extension for LG's New Laptop Family

Heilbronn, Germany, and Seoul, Korea - Atmel® Corporation and LG International Co., Ltd. announced today a new family of laptop computers with DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcast), based on Atmel's ATR2740 DAB baseband processor. The LG LW40 Express is equipped with Atmel's latest DAB baseband processor, and is the world's first DMB notebook PC. This model features a 14-inch wide LCD screen with a WXGA resolution of 1280x768 and a ratio of 15:9, targetted towards the DVD market. The fine bright LCD installed in this model shows deep and clear images, appealing to consumers who seek enhanced entertainment features.

Also, the DMB notebook PC features functions such as DMB watching and recording, channel registration, broadcast-reception sense indication, and channel scanning, as well as booked recording, picture capture, and intelligent update (automatically downloading software from the Internet and upgrading itself), thus enhancing the user's experience.

"We selected Atmel's solution due to the impressive performance and flexibility, especially the USB interface was a very useful feature to us," said Mr. K.H. Kim from the PC Marketing Team of LG. "The co-work between Atmel and LG was enjoyable and very satisfying to us."

"We are very proud that LG selected our new baseband processor to realize this fantastic application," said Carsten Friedrich, Atmel's Cellular Marketing Manager. "We hope that this will be one of the successes of LG on the new and upcoming DMB market in Korea."

The DMB feature is realized with the help of Atmel's ATR2740 baseband processor, which provides a high level of flexibility and performance. This baseband processor is controlled by a standard ARM® core, making it easy to create customized software due to the controller being very well known with designers. The ATR2740 offers high processing power to enable the part to decode the full DAB data rate of 1.8 Mbit, powerful enough to run any DMB service, and still have plenty of free processing power available on the ARM controller for customer software. This makes it easy to implement this device in complex environments, enabling a fast time to market.

The wide flexibility offered by the ATR2740 is given from the large variety of interfaces which can be supported. UART, USB, and SPI are available for control functions, and SSO, SFCO and RDI interfaces, as well as two audio outputs, either I2S or SPDIF, are implemented data interfaces.

Due to the high integration of the device, the external component count is as low as only two external parts (a simple crystal and an 8-MB Flash are required) plus a tuner solution to run the full DAB function. To run DMB, the video and audio processing must be added; in the case of the LG LW40, it is done on the laptop.

In particular, the DMB-enabled notebook PC utilizes DMB antenna and signal treatment modules that can be replaced with an optical disc drive (ODD) in the notebook PC. This allows users to opt between the DMB module and the ODD, increasing mobility.

As for consumers' preference for DMB receivers, notebook PCs rank second after mobile phones, and with the development of DMB, the DMB notebook market will likely grow.

Lunes, 12 Septiembre, 2005 - 10:57
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