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Vishay's New 552D Organic Polymer, Surface-Mount Tantalum Capacitors Deliver ESR

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA - Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. launched a new series of organic polymer, surface-mount tantalum capacitors featuring Vishay's innovative conductive polymer cathode technology, which delivers low equivalent series resistance (ESR) values across a broad capacitance range extending from 47 µF to 2200 µF with a standard capacitance tolerance of ±20%.

The new Vishay Sprague 552D capacitors announced today are intended for use in 3G PCMCIA wireless cards, embedded modems, PDAs, and laptop computers. Maximum ESR ratings at 100 kHz range from 25 mΩ to 90 mΩ, and the devices' voltage ratings range from 4 WVDC to 6.3 WVDC.

Available in six low-profile EIA standard case sizes — B, M, T, U, V, and X — the new devices offer a wide variety of sizes and ratings that simplify design of compact electronic systems. The smallest (M case) measures 0.138 in. by 0.110 in. [3.5 mm by 2.8 mm] with a 0.047-in. [1.2-mm] maximum height profile, and the largest (X case) measures 0.575 in. by 0.290 in. [14.5 mm by 7.37 mm] with a 0.079-in. [2.0 mm] maximum height profile.

With their broad capacitance range and no ignition failure mode, these new capacitors may be used in applications for which standard tantalum devices are not well suited. Low ESR values reduce power consumption and the conformal-coated construction enables the manufacture of thinner, more space-efficient end products.


Each capacitor is 100% surge-current tested with Sn/Pb (tin/lead) and Pb (lead)-free terminations available. The series is rated for an operating temperature range of 55 °C to +105 °C.

Samples and production quantities of the new 552D tantalum polymer capacitors are available now, with lead times of 8 to 10 weeks for larger orders.

Miércoles, 05 Octubre, 2005 - 02:00
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