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Cirrus Logic Power Meter IC Provides Precision Measurement for High Performance

AUSTIN, Texas – With the introduction of the CS5461A and CS5463 high precision power meter integrated circuits (ICs) from Cirrus Logic Inc. , digital power meter manufacturers are afforded a simple upgrade path for next-generation power measurement applications. Pin-to-pin compatible with Cirrus Logic’s popular CS5460A, these ICs provide additional features such as apparent and reactive power, allowing for shortened development time, simplified bill-of-materials for next-generation meters.

“Increasingly, utility companies are demanding more information about the power quality and efficiency of the power grid, and the CS5461A and CS5463 benefit our customers by generating this high-quality data on-chip,” said John Paulos, vice president and general manager, Industrial Products Division, Cirrus Logic. “Calculating energy usage information directly on-chip eliminates the need for additional on-board digital signal processor chips and in turn, reduces overall meter costs.”

Supporting all on-chip calculations performed by the CS5460A, the CS5461A also provides apparent energy calculation, and the CS5463 further expands the feature set by offering reactive energy, power factor, fundamental and harmonic energy, line frequency and more. These new ICs maintain the superior performance of the CS5460A, offering energy data linearity to within 0.1 percent of reading over a 1000:1 dynamic range. Each IC also provides an on-chip temperature sensor which allows designers to compensate for temperature drift error and increase system accuracy. These ICs also feature a bi-directional serial interface for microcontroller communication, which is initialized and fully functional upon reset.

The CS5461A and CS5463 strengthens Cirrus Logic’s portfolio of power measurement ICs, which also include the CS5451A, CS5460A, CS5462 and CS5466.

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