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AVIDSEN Selects Semtech Voice-over-RF Chip for New Wireless Entry Phone System

Camarillo, California - Semtech Corp. announced that its Voice-over-RF reference design was selected by AVIDSEN, a European leader in home security and control systems, to be a core element of its latest wireless entry phone system.

The Voice-over-RF reference design is based on the XE1200 family of short-range, ultra low power wireless data communication transceivers from Semtech’s new Wireless and Sensing Products division, which was created from the June acquisition of XEMICS SA. Products such as these RF transceivers enhance Semtech’s ability to service the broader industrial and medical end-markets.

Semtech’s experience with Voice-over-RF technology in real-world applications, combined with close collaboration between the Semtech and AVIDSEN engineering teams, resulted in a dramatic shortening of the development cycle, with the first product brought to market a full six months ahead of schedule.

The new system for homes and commercial properties provides a secure communication link between a battery-powered external unit fitted either to electric gates or doors. Key user benefits are no point-to-point wiring for easy installation, an automated setup procedure and continuous adjustment of operating conditions to maximize performance even in a high-interference environment.

Semtech offers a fully functional reference design based on Semtech codec, transceiver and host RISC controller running highly optimized Voice-over-RF software. Customization of the reference design to user requirements is available from Semtech’s experienced development team, which also offers assistance in the certification process. The complete solution utilizes extremely low power and is priced competitively.

“This easy to use and install phone entry system application takes full advantage of the advanced functionality of the Semtech chip-set, such as a wireless UART, high RF link budget, efficient speech-compression scheme and highly-efficient power management,” said Alain Dantec, Vice-President of the Wireless and Sensing Products group. “Semtech is widely considered as the only company capable of offering such a complete and proven solution.”

“AVIDSEN has grown rapidly thanks to the fact that it is successful in leveraging its research and delivery team to get new products to market as customers need them,” said Fabrice Artault, Technical Manager of AVIDSEN. “We selected Semtech both because they had superior and proven technology and because one of its distributors, Pyrecap, provided the development assistance we needed to meet our deadline on this new product.”

Jueves, 06 Octubre, 2005 - 08:39
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