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Fairchild Semiconductor's 1200V NPT-Trench IGBT Provides "Best-in-Class" Avalanc

South Portland, Maine—Fairchild Semiconductor’s FGA25N120ANTD 1200V NPT-Trench IGBT combines best-in-class avalanche immunity with optimized trade-off performance between switching and conduction losses to increase system reliability and efficiency in induction heating (IH) applications. Designed for microwave ovens, IH rice cookers and other IH cookers, the FGA25N120ANTD extends system lifetime by lowering operating temperatures as much as 10 degrees Celsius over previous-generation devices. The NPT-Trench IGBT utilizes Fairchild’s proprietary trench technology and non-punch through (NPT) technology. This optimized cell design and thin wafer fabrication process allows the FGA25N120ANTD to withstand a maximum 450mJ of avalanche energy, thus ensuring fail-safe operation in abnormal avalanche-mode conditions.

“Unstable power, AC line surges and system malfunctions cause avalanche-mode conditions in induction heating applications that can lead to instantaneous device failure,” said Taehoon Kim, vice president of Fairchild’s Functional Power Group. “To answer these reliability issues in IH appliances, our new 1200V NPT-Trench IGBT offers best-in-class avalanche immunity. It also optimizes trade-off performance to lower operating temperature and improve overall system efficiency.”

Additional performance features and system benefits of the FGA25N120ANTD include:

• Low saturation voltage (VCE(sat), typ = 2.0V @ IC= 25A and TC = 25°C) to limit conduction losses;

• Low switching loss (Eoff, typ = 0.96mJ @ IC = 25A and TC = 25°C) to reduce system power dissipation; and

• Built-in FRD (Fast Recovery Diode) to simplify circuit design and reduce component count.

The FGA25N120ANTD is available in a TO-3P lead (Pb)-free package and meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020B and is compliant with European Union requirements now in effect.


Jueves, 06 Octubre, 2005 - 11:00
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