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Analog Devices Introduces Highly Integrated Motion Sensor For Industrial Applications

Norwood, MA - Analog Devices Inc. announced the launch of its new iSensor™ family of highly integrated intelligent sensors designed for application-specific sensor processing. Leveraging a patent-pending advanced integration process, the flagship ADIS16201 iSensor intelligent motion sensor integrates a dual-axis MEMS accelerometer, a digital temperature sensor, power management circuitry and embedded firmware. This system-in-a-package approach results in a small, cost-effective, easy-to-use sensor solution that provides fully calibrated digital outputs for motion and inclination measurements. This combination of functionality is ideal for industrial applications, such as platform stabilization, machine vibration detection, and motion and positioning measurement.

“Breakthrough packaging allowed us to add significant signal conditioning and processing intelligence around the sensor in roughly the same footprint as the sensor-core,” said John Hussey, vice president, High Speed Signal Processing group, Analog Devices. “This combination of advanced architectures and embedded intelligence through on-chip firmware dramatically improves sensor performance and enables a new level of integration for industrial systems customers. The ADIS16201 embeds detection, calibration, compensation and filtering functions in significantly less space than solutions consisting of discrete accelerometers and microcontrollers.”

Industrial heavy-machine manufacturers have relied on less accurate, more costly handheld devices containing multiple ICs to measure vibration in applications where the slightest motion could cause manufacturing defects. With Analog Devices’ ADIS16201 iSensor intelligent motion sensors, industrial design engineers can now embed sensor technology directly into their systems. This enables a more cost-effective, more accurate solution for real-time motion measurement, and allows a series of alerts to be programmed at pre-defined thresholds for acceptable movement and adjustment.

The ADIS16201 combines ADI’s high precision ±1.7 g ADXL203 accelerometer with all required signal conditioning, processing, power management, firmware, and interfaces to enable a self-contained, programmable sensing solution in a small 9 mm × 9 mm package. The ADIS16201 offers several features that enhance ease-of-use, while reducing the cost and time associated with system-level sensor integration. Sensitivity and bias levels are factory calibrated, and can be updated through field calibration. In addition, frequency response can be modified through digital filtering, and dual alarm settings are available with user-defined rate/threshold limits and interrupt control. The device also features application-specific programmable power management options. The digital output data from the sensor is provided via an industry-standard SPI (serial port interface).

About the iSensor Intelligent Motion Sensor Family of Products
In addition to the ADIS16201 intelligent motion sensor, ADI’s family of iSensor products includes the ADIS16003 and ADIS16100 devices. The ADIS16003 is a low-cost, low-power dual-axis accelerometer with an integrated SPI and embedded analog signal conditioning and temperature sensor. The ADIS16003 measures acceleration with a full-scale range of ±1.7 g and can measure both dynamic acceleration (e.g., vibration) and static acceleration (e.g., gravity). The ADIS16100 is a functionally complete, low-cost angular rate sensor (gyroscope) based on ADI’s surface-mircomachining process with an integrated SPI. The iSensor portfolio of products will continue to grow to include further advancements in embedded intelligence, performance improvements and ease-of-use features for the important industrial sensor processing market.

Availability and Pricing
The ADIS16201 iSensor intelligent sensor is available at $28 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities in a laminate-based LGA (land grid array) package and is sampling now, with full production volume slated for March 2006. The ADIS16003 is in full production now and is available at $17.75 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities in a laminate-based LGA package. The ADIS16100 is available at $36.50 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities in a laminate-based LGA package and is sampling now.

Martes, 18 Octubre, 2005 - 10:53
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