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STMicroelectronics Launches Most Integrated Solution for Next-Generation PC/Server Motherboard Voltage Regulation

Geneva - STMicroelectronics according to independent market analyst iSuppli, has expanded its successful VR (Voltage Regulator) platform for desktop computer and server CPU power management applications with the introduction of the L6713 and L6714. The two devices provide state-of-the-art voltage-regulator control for the most advanced Intel and AMD processors and are fully compatible with both the 6-bit VID AMD specification and the VR11 Intel specification for next-generation CPUs. These standards specify voltage range, accuracy, and the control functions needed to allow the voltage-regulator subsystem to adapt its output dynamically in accordance with the CPU needs.

The new devices represent a compact solution for current requirements over 130 amperes. Building on ST’s experience and success in the motherboard VR market, the voltage regulators offer two distinctive factors: the L6714 is the industry’s first 4-phase motherboard PWM (pulse-width modulator) controller to incorporate embedded high-current MOSFET drivers, thereby reducing valuable board area and increasing system reliability compared to alternative approaches that require external MOSFET drivers, while the L6713 allows simple migration between 4-phase and 3-phase topologies (e.g. to produce lower cost product variations) without the need to change the pc-board layout when a 4-phase application is migrated to three phases. Migration is achieved simply by depopulating the board of the external components related to the 4th phase and replacing the L6714 with the pin-compatible L6713. This eliminates the cost and time delay involved in redesigning and re-qualifying the highly complex motherboard.

ST’s long experience in integrating power analog, small signal analog, and digital circuitry has enabled the Company to incorporate the PWM controller, MOSFET drivers, and protection mechanisms in a single chip that provides the industry’s best system-partitioning solution in terms of cost, printed-circuit board space, system reliability, and product evolution options. Key technical features of the L6713 and L6714 include output accuracy of ±0.5% over temperature and input voltage variations; flexible and accurate control via fully differential current sensing across either the external inductors or LS (low side) MOSFETs per phase, causing the device to enter Constant Current mode in the event of overcurrent detection; preliminary overvoltage protection that safeguards the CPU in the event of HS (high side) MOSFET failure during start-up; excellent thermal performance, thanks to the HTQFP64 package with exposed thermal pad; active current sharing with an accuracy of ±3% between phases; fast dynamic response; differential voltage sensing; programmable offset; programmable overvoltage threshold; programmable oscillator frequency; programmable digital soft-start; SS_END/PGOOD signal and system thermal monitoring.

In addition to providing the optimum solution in terms of system partitioning, features, and migration ease, the L6713/4 devices leverage ST’s unrivalled track record in integrating signal and power circuits in the same silicon chip, allowing the Company to offer state-of-the-art designs built with the same proven technology that is already widely deployed in devices designed for applications where reliability is a key factor, such as airbag and brake control systems.

The L6713 and L6714 are available now at prices US$2.00 and US$2.50, respectively, in quantities of 1000 pieces.

Martes, 18 Octubre, 2005 - 05:25
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