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Cirrus Logic DSP Conductor Delivers Simple, Powerful Graphic Programming Tool for CobraNet Networked Audio ICs

NEW YORK – Strengthening CobraNet™ technology’s position as the leading standard for distributing digital audio over Ethernet, Cirrus Logic Inc. has unleashed DSP Conductor™, a powerful new graphical programming tool for its flagship CS4961XX CobraNet-based audio system processors.

Using DSP Conductor’s graphical interface, audio system architects can quickly develop new products that take advantage of distributed audio processing to implement innovative solutions for audio network systems. DSP Conductor simplifies the design process by providing pre-formulated drag-and-drop audio algorithm “building blocks” along with the ability to tune the system in real-time.

“As audio networks evolve, DSP Conductor combined with Cirrus Logic’s CobraNet-enabled CS496XXX ICs will accelerate the use of audio signal processing capabilities closer to the end points in audio systems, such as microphones, speakers, and musical instruments,” said Keith Cheney, vice president of the Embedded Products Division, Cirrus Logic. “This powerful combination of audio networking and rapid software development provides networked audio system designers greater design flexibility, the tools to create unique and innovative audio system products and the ability to offer incredible value-added system features and benefits.”

DSP Conductor allows audio DSP programming to be completed in a fraction of the time and cost compared to older methods of DSP programming. Previously, programming a DSP required system programmers to generate thousands of lines of code. With its graphic user interface, DSP Conductor revolutionizes that method of programming. With a click of the mouse it allows programmers to tap into Cirrus Logic’s wealth of audio engineering expertise and wide array of industry standard and specialized audio algorithms to build comprehensive, complex audio processing solutions.

DSP Conductor includes a variety of ready-to-use software building blocks, allowing the audio system developer to define signal flow and make real-time adjustments to DSP parameters. Through “dragging and dropping” of audio processing blocks, called elements, DSP Conductor provides real-time tuning and audio optimization. The software tool also calculates and reports the DSP resource usage before delivering the code directly to the DSP core.

The CS4961XX audio system processor series are designed to combine sophisticated digital audio processing with the popular CobraNet digital audio network technology for cost-sensitive networked digital audio products. These products include amplifiers, loudspeakers and intercom and paging systems. CobraNet-enabled products can be used in a wide variety of settings including recording studios, live performances, broadcast studios, consumer home automation systems and commercial facilities such as office buildings, hospitals, airports, music halls, sports arenas, restaurants and houses of worship.

CobraNet technology allows high-quality, uncompressed audio to be transported over Ethernet and co-exist with data and other Ethernet traffic. It is considerably more flexible and cost effective to implement compared to installing a dedicated digital audio system.

DSP Conductor is available to Cirrus Logic customers complimentary when purchasing Cirrus Logic’s CS4961XX audio system processor ICs. Cirrus Logic plans to extend DSP Conductor’s programming features to its 32-bit audio DSP families for consumer markets.

Martes, 18 Octubre, 2005 - 05:32
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