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La ciencia es como la tierra; solo se puede poseer un poco de ella.

François Marie Arouet(Voltaire - 1694-1778).
Escritor y filósofo francés.
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LTM4600: 10A DC/DC uModule Provides New Level of Power Density in a Compact Package

MILPITAS, CA – A new uModuleTM (micro-module) from Linear Technology Corporation provides designers a complete 10A switching power supply in a tiny (15mm x 15mm) footprint, low profile (2.8mm) land grid array (LGA) package. The LTM®4600 is a synchronous switchmode DC/DC step-down regulator with built-in inductor, supporting power components and compensation circuitry. The LTM4600 is the first in a new family of uModules from Linear Technology that leverages the company’s core strengths in power management and conversion. By simplifying power system development, this new high-density power supply reduces development time for a broad range of systems, including network routers, blade servers, cellular basestations, medical diagnostic equipment, test instrumentation and RAID systems.

The LTM4600 accommodates a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 28V. The high level of integration and synchronous current mode operation allows the LTM4600 to deliver superior transient response and up to 10A continuous current (14A peak) at up to 92% efficiency. It simplifies power supply design and construction, requiring only input and output bulk capacitors and a single resistor to set the output voltage within a range of 0.6V to 5V. Containing all Linear Technology silicon and supported by Linear Technology’s rigorous in-house testing and high reliability processes, the LTM4600 brings component-level reliability and industry-leading performance to demanding applications.

The LTM4600 DC/DC uModule is a complete stand-alone surface-mount power supply that can be handled and assembled like a standard integrated circuit. Moreover, its low profile design permits the LTM4600 to be soldered onto the back side of a circuit board, freeing up valuable board space.

The LTM4600 DC/DC uModules are self-protected against overvoltage and short circuit conditions. The devices’ fast transient response minimizes required bulk output capacitance. Furthermore, two LTM4600s can be operated in parallel, increasing load current capability to 20A. The LTM4600 is offered in two versions: standard and high input voltage. The LTM4600EV operates from 4.5V to 20V, whereas the LTM4600HVEV has an operating voltage range from 4.5V to 28V.

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