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SOT23 power transistors take 80% less space

Achieving the same current handling capability as very much larger SOT223 equivalents, a new series of SOT23 packaged bipolar transistors from Zetex Semiconductors will significantly reduce PCB size. A move from SOT223’s 6.7mm x 7.3mm footprint to the 2.5mm x 3.05mm footprint of SOT23 provides a space saving of more than 80%.

Capable of switching loads of up to 400W, the initial offering of six miniature devices comprises three NPN and three PNP transistors, rated at 50, 60 and 100V. The miniature ZXTN and ZXTP high power density transistors dissipate up to 1.2W of power, and support a continuous collector current up to 5A, combined with peak collector current up to 12A. These devices are ideal drivers of power MOSFETs, IGBTs, DC motors, relays, solenoids and high power LEDs.

A very low saturation voltage also ensures that power losses and circuit efficiency are optimised by the transistors. As an illustration, the 100V ZXTN2020F is characterised by a VCE(sat) of just 50mV for a collector current of 1A.



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