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NI Introduces High-Voltage Mechanical Relay Digital I/O PC Plug-In Devices

National Instruments today announced the expansion of its data acquisition offerings with the addition of two new Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed high-voltage plug-in mechanical relay devices. NI, a worldwide leader in data acquisition with more than 6 million data acquisition channels sold in the last year, continues to make it easier for engineers to develop measurement and control systems while integrating them into a common programming environment. The new National Instruments PCI-6521, PXI-6521 and PCI-6520 industrial digital I/O devices offer engineers a low-cost alternative for applications requiring up to 150 VAC/VDC switching capabilities.

The NI PCI-6521, PXI-6521 and PCI-6520 industrial digital I/O devices deliver eight ±30 VDC differential digital inputs and eight nonlatching mechanical relay outputs, divided into five form A and three form C relays. The digital inputs offer industry-standard 24 V logic levels and 60 V continuous channel-to-channel isolation. Engineers can use the NI 6521 relays to switch up to 150 VAC/VDC with maximum switching power of 60 W and control high-voltage devices directly from the board. In addition, engineers can take advantage of the high-reliability industrial feature set – including watchdog timers, programmable power-up states, digital filtering and change detection for direct sensor connectivity – that helps provide reliable operation on a Windows OS, even in the event of an operating system failure requiring a soft reboot.

Unlike other mechanical relay plug-in devices in the market, the NI 6521 and PCI-6520 are certified and recognized by UL. Independent safety certification organizations such as UL evaluate products based on established standards that ensure the product is safe to use. NI 6521 devices feature a keyed connector to prevent the user from accidentally connecting a high-voltage cable to a low-voltage device. Additionally, the PCI-6521 offers insulation covers on both sides of the board, keeping engineers a safe distance from high-voltage traces. The trace spacing and widths are designed to comply with UL requirements for safe high-voltage test and measurement products, and all safety critical components are rated to handle at least the specified voltage and currents of these boards.

The new devices are ideal for use with a programmable automation controller (PAC) for automotive test, industrial monitoring and simple ON/OFF control applications. Starting as low as $249 USD, engineers can use the mechanical relay devices with their high-current drive, high-voltage outputs and isolation for connecting directly to a wide array of industrial sensors and actuators. NI 6521 and PCI-6520 devices ship with NI measurement services software, a collection of tools, including powerful NI-DAQmx driver software, designed to help simplify development. With NI-DAQmx, engineers and scientists can easily program NI data acquisition devices with the NI LabVIEW graphical development platform, as well as other languages such as ANSI C, Microsoft Visual C ++, and the Microsoft .NET languages C # .NET and Visual Basic .NET.

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