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Microchip Technology Announces Stand-Alone Analog Front End for Wireless Authentication Applications

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Microchip Technology Inc. announced its first stand-alone, analog front end (AFE) for smart, low frequency (125 kHz typical) wireless authentication applications. The MCP2030 device is a 3-channel transponder AFE that provides programmable antenna tuning and best-in-industry adjustable modulation depth that runs as low as 8 percent. The MCP2030 AFE is ideal for passive-keyless-entry, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), data acquisition and other wireless authentication applications.

In addition to its superior modulation depth, the MCP2030 AFE offers adjustable, high input sensitivity of 3 mVpp typical. Its 3 input channel architecture enables 3-axis reception for improved performance independent of range, antenna orientation and environmental “noise.” Each channel is equipped with dynamically selectable tuning capacitors up to 63 pF in 1pF steps to allow firmware-driven antenna tuning that improves signal matching without expensive hand tuning. An additional configuration feature of the MCP2030 AFE is its intelligent wake-up filter that extends battery life. The filter allows the external microcontroller to stay in low-power mode until it detects recognized input signals. With these features, the MCP2030 AFE enables designers to create low-cost, highly intelligent transponders like never before.

“Microchip’s innovation, exemplified by the programmable antenna tuning and adjustable input sensitivity in the MCP2030 AFE, enables designers to address many of the challenges they face in designing wireless authentication applications,” said Art Eck, senior product marketing manager with Microchip’s Analog and Interface Products Division. “The MCP2030 AFE brings great flexibility to designers, as well as superior sensitivity and non-directional response to these types of applications.”

The MCP2030 AFE communicates with a microcontroller over an SPI bus, and its features are dynamically controllable by the external microcontroller, depending upon field application.

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