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New Semtech Pin Electronics Device Increases Accuracy and Performance of High-Speed Differential Signal Testing

Semtech Corp. - announced the E7725, a dual-channel high-performance driver and window comparator for test and measurement equipment. The E7725 is the first component to combine both signal drive and receive capabilities that are capable of driving and receiving in either single-ended or fully differential modes.

The high-performance E7725 operates up to 900 MHz / 1.8 Gbps, and features active load functions, integral waveform clamps and a tri-statable, three-level driver. It is targeted at next-generation logic analyzers and automated test equipment (ATE) designed for high-speed differential signals.
The device's differential drive and receive capability is a significant breakthrough for these systems, replacing two-chip solutions and offering more controlled and accurate voltage and timing signals. In an ATE application, the E7725 offers "out-of-the box" differential timing skews -- on the order of 50 picoseconds (ps) -- a dramatic improvement over channel-to-channel timing variability in systems employing expensive and exotic timing calibration and adjustment circuitry.

"The ability to accurately test high-speed differential signals is tantamount to success for next-generation test and measurement gear," said Tim Wilhelm, Director of Marketing, for Semtech's Test & Measurement Division. "The E7725 is the first device to deliver the performance and features necessary for these systems, while lowering the cost and board-space required."

For ATE applications that require a test load, each channel on the E7725 features an active load capability that supports programmable source and sink currents of ± 32mA over a -2V to +7V range. In non-ATE applications, the load can be completely disabled. This high load current allows direct functional testing of a wide variety of logic output device technologies without compromise. For test flexibility, the device supports separated inputs for the commutating voltage, allowing a designer to configure a split load solution with separated commutating load trigger points for both sourcing and sinking current.
The E7725 drives a 50-ohm line load, and features waveform clamps that are used when the device under test (DUT) does not drive the same line load. The waveform clamps help prevent these mismatches from resulting in signal reflections, which can cause false triggers and bad timing measurements. In many competitive solutions, this protection is not on-chip, requiring additional discrete circuits and reducing performance.
Key Features of the Edge7725

* Fully integrated tri-statable, three-level driver, window comparator, and dynamic active load
* Programmable waveform clamps on comparator input
* -2V to +7V drive, compare and load range
* ± 32mA programmable load
* 900+ MHz / 1.8 Gbps performance
* Integral heat sink
* 128-pin MQFP package (14 x 20 x 2.0 mm)

Martes, 03 Enero, 2006 - 04:44
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