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StreamBase Extends Enterprise Adoption with Accelerated Real-Time, 64-Bit Performance Gains

BOSTON - StreamBase Systems, Inc., the pioneer of enterprise-class stream processing software designed to transform real-time complex events into instantaneous competitive advantage, today announced that its flagship Stream Processing Engine is now 64-bit compatible. By embracing 64-bit computing, StreamBase offers the fastest real-time data stream processing speed, ranging from 10,000 to over 1 million messages per second, effectively eliminating latency. With this heightened performance and agility, enterprises using StreamBase can react to real-time data faster and execute right-time business decisions that capitalize on opportunities and reduce risks.

"In delivering enterprise-class applications to global organizations, especially in financial services, telecommunications, and the government, we understand that they require a high-end platform to manage the lifeblood of their organizations -- their real-time data," said Barry Morris, president and CEO of StreamBase. "With StreamBase, industry leaders are acquiring a solid software platform for building and leveraging a sophisticated class of applications uniquely positioned to manage unprecedented real-time data volumes."

With the massive amount of information hitting their organizations, especially for financial services companies that must track very large and complex portfolios with multiple asset classes and an immense number of financial instruments, the move to 64-bit computing is critical. Systems running on 32-bit restrict the amount of physical memory to 4 gigabytes (GB), which stifles real-time risk management because oftentimes all the critical real-time and historical information relating to the assets cannot be handled simultaneously. 64-bit enables faster application performance and greater scalability because enterprises can leverage twice as much memory space, substantially increasing response times to actionable data.

In addition to its unmatched processing speed with 64-bit, StreamBase includes the following capabilities for enterprise-class deployments:

* High Performance Programming -- Scalable, next-generation query language through StreamSQL for rapidly building real-time applications that can handle the most demanding high-volume, high-speed complex events
* Graphical "Point & Click" Development -- Accelerates time-to-prototype and speed-to-production fifty times faster than traditional coding through a friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI)
* Scalable Enterprise Infrastructure -- Provides multiple options for managing stored data, including the insertion of custom logic and analytics to data streams, and adapters to external data sources and messaging systems.

StreamBase is now compatible with industry standard hardware and runs on a number of 64-bit high performance chips, including the AMD Opteron™ processor. Systems based on AMD Opteron processors enjoy a highly scalable architecture that delivers next-generation performance as well as a flexible upgrade path from 32- to 64-bit computing.

"StreamBase has made some outstanding advancements in how enterprises process, analyze, and act on real-time information and the move to 64-bit is the next logical step," said Richard Finlayson, director of Segment and Industry Solutions at AMD. "There is great synergy between StreamBase's software and the AMD Opteron processor -- both are designed with the flexibility and adaptability to meet current and future business needs, while also eliminating integration headaches. The hardware and software combination is a great solution for enterprise customers running data-intensive applications."

About StreamBase
StreamBase Systems was founded in 2003 to address the processing demands of low latency, real-time computing. The first in a new breed of systems software, the StreamBase stream processing engine helps organizations in financial services, telecom and networking, government and military and other industries transform streaming data into competitive advantage through applications that deliver instantaneous response. Current customers include leading exchanges, hedge funds and investment firms, where applications require rapid execution of queries, analytics and actions using real-time streaming data. StreamBase is headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Martes, 17 Enero, 2006 - 11:42
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