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Zarlink Delivers World’s First Demodulator to Meet Full NorDig Unified Standards for Terrestrial DTV Market

OTTAWA, CANADA – Zarlink Semiconductor (NYSE/TSX:ZL) today launched the industry’s first terrestrial DTV demodulator to fully comply with the stringent NorDig Unified 1.0.2 standard. Featuring an on-chip RF signal strength indicator and digital IF (intermediate frequency) filter, the ZLTM10353 device upgrades the performance of Zarlink’s market-leading MT352 demodulator, allowing customers to further reduce costs and save board space in their digital television equipment designs.

Zarlink is the number one provider of terrestrial DTV demodulators, shipping in excess of four million MT352 chips in 2004 alone. The ZL10353 is a “drop-in” replacement for all current MT352 applications and continues to offer the industry’s lowest operational and standby power, and the fastest DVB-T (digital video broadcast – terrestrial) “blind-scan and auto re-acquisition” capability.

“As the first company to achieve full NorDig Unified compliance, we ensure our customers have the highest possible performance standard in their DTV equipment designs,” said Bob Ferreira, DTV Front-End product line director, Zarlink Semiconductor. “This new demodulator extends our best-in-class performance levels and adds valuable on-chip features to significantly reduce time and cost-to-market.”

The device can be dropped directly into any PCB (printed circuit board) designed with the MT352. The board will be fully functional with a simple software upgrade


The ZL10353 chip delivers maximum flexibility in a wide range of digital entertainment equipment, including STBs (set-top boxes), TNIMs (terrestrial network interface modules), hand-held devices, PVRs (personal video recorders), and PC-TV computer cards/modules that receive DVB-T terrestrial signals.

Integrated modules maximize space and functionality

The integrated digital IF filter on the ZL10353 demodulator eliminates the need for switched bandwidth SAW (surface acoustic wave) filters in the tuner design. This feature allows compliant reception of 6, 7 or 8 MHz (megahertz) channels using a single filter, thereby reducing the overall bill of materials and saving board space.

The product also contains an RF signal strength indicator, allowing download and reading of the television signal strength directly at the receiver box. Consumers may detect problems with the terrestrial signal upon television set-up or during use, enabling clearer, more satisfying TV viewing without requiring expensive service calls from the carrier.

Superior blind scan capability

Zarlink was first-to-market with demodulators delivering a very high-speed “blind scan and auto re-acquisition” function. Most receivers rely on complex, software-based channel-scanning algorithms that require the consumer to enter the key parameters of the signals for which they are looking. The ZL10353 demodulator uses a hardware-based, very low software-overhead state machine that automatically and quickly scans the entire broadcast band. Since terrestrial operators routinely change services and relocate channels to new frequencies, consumers value this high-speed scanning function.

Power savings

The ZL10353 device delivers the industry’s lowest power consumption at less than 300 mW (milliwatts) in a typical application. It features a “sleep” pin that reduces the chip’s power requirement 1,000-fold when a device is not in use, assisting manufacturers in meeting power reduction directives and the strict power requirements of handheld and PC-TV equipment.

The ZL10353 offers extended operational temperature range of –10 to +80 degrees Celsius, delivering higher reliability in more rugged consumer environments.

Product availability

Zarlink’s new demodulator is available now. The ZL10353 device is offered in a compact 64-pin LQFP (low-profile quad flat pack) measuring just 10 x 10 mm.

Zarlink supports the product with a comprehensive evaluation system that includes TNIM reference designs, evaluation software and PC interface.

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