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Intersil Introduces True Single Supply Video Driver

MILPITAS, CA – Intersil Corporation today announced the release of the ISL59830, a new triple video driver that runs off a single 3.3V supply. The ISL59830 generates a negative voltage internally, thus removing the need for external coupling capacitors. The elimination of the external capacitors and need for negative supply rail reduces the overall system cost. This makes the device perfect for applications driving RGB or YPbPr video signals.

Video drive architectures typically use one of two coupling schemes: AC orAC or DC. A system using AC coupling requires large external capacitors, but does not need a negative supply rail. A system using DC coupling does not need these large capacitors, but requires a negative supply rail. The ISL59830 gives a designer the best of both schemes by generating the negative supply on chip and allowing DC coupling of the video signal.

“The ISL59830 continues to build on our innovative video product line. It provides an elegant solution to a real world analog problem," said Sameer Vuyyuru, Intersil's director for High Speed Analog. "The video driver is often the only product in a design that still requires a negative supply rail where DC accuracy is required. Our product has made it possible to completely remove the higher cost of the negative supply rail and maintain DC accuracy.”

The ISL59830 features an integrate 6dB gain for all three channels and can drive doubly terminated 75 ohm loads. The device also has a Vref pin that allows the user to level shift the signal above or below ground to match an external reference.

ISL59830 Technical Summary

* Operates from a single 3.3V supply
* No external DC blocking capacitor needed
* Integrated 6dB gain
* 300MHz –3dB bandwidth
* Enable and disable function
* Triple driver for RGB or YPbPr applications

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